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It's hard work to navigate finding a career and company you love, juggling family obligations, be respectful and respected, and taking time for yourself to unwind all at the same time. We asked our audience of thousands of women to share their best career tips to help others remain positive and stay on top of their tasks. From improving your morning routine to gaining a fresh perspective on a workplace conflict, here's a sampling of their sage advice:

1. Take daily walk breaks and listen to podcasts.

These two are seriously underrated. It's hard to sit at a desk all day when it's sunny and 70 degrees outside. Get up, take a break, and bask in the sunshine. Check out this list of the 10 best podcasts to listen to on your commute to work or on your lunch break, brought to you by InHerSight!

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2. Don't give up. Be a leader in every position you obtain, and even if you get denied 10,000 job offers, keep going. Persistence and finding a job you love will pay off in the end.

Perseverance and resilience are key in the workplace. Always believe in yourself, trust in your skill set, and know your worth. If you're persistent, you'll find the right opportunity.

3. Try not to say sorry for everything.

If you made a simple error in judgement, offer a solution instead of an apology. If you're two minutes late to a team meeting because you were finishing an important call, thank everyone for their patience instead of jumping to shower them with apologies. Only apologize when you make a mistake you could have prevented, and make it genuine.

4. Be flexible in your career. Sometimes, what could be perceived as a step back actually gives you a fresh perspective and new energy.

Most of us hate change, but it's a natural part of life that we must embrace. You never know what you'll learn from a different opportunity; even a negative experience can be an important lesson that you can use to improve.

5. Don't let companies make you feel small for being there for your family and health.

Never sacrifice your health or the well-being of your loved ones for a job. If your employer shames you or tries to prevent you from taking the time you need, it might be time to find a better workplace. You can mark flexible work hours as a priority on InHerSight when getting matched to jobs, and if you've already signed up for job matches, just check the box for it under "what you care about" in your profile settings.

6. Find 5 minutes to sit in silence every day. It will help you refocus, and you'll find new creative solutions to existing concerns.

Silence is proven to be good for your brain, and even just a small break from interaction can help you clear your head. Turn your phone on Do Not Disturb and let your brain enter its default mode network, a state of deep thought, fantasy, and daydreaming that'll help stimulate your creativity. You'll be amazed at what you can come up with through this routine.

7. Never underestimate the importance of prioritizing your own mental health.

If you're overworked, underpaid, or simply burned out, it's extremely important to pay attention to your own mental and physical health needs. Check out these seven InHerSight solutions to practice better self-care during your 50+ hour work week.

Bonus: Use a cloud drive that is accessible by mobile device for all important documents.

If you're not already using products like Google Drive or Dropbox, what are you even doing?! Get on one of these platforms ASAP to ensure you can work on files no matter where you are and keep them safe in case of coffee-related computer incidents.

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