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The Motley Fool Community Team on the Discussion Boards

Perhaps the most important part of Fooldom, and easily one of our favorites, is our vast community of intelligent investors. For more than 20 years, it's been our vision to create the world's greatest investment community. At the heart of that vision has been our Motley Fool discussion boards.

As individual investors, we're necessarily making our own investment decisions — but that doesn't mean we have to make those decisions in isolation. Many Fools want to share stock ideas, deepen our knowledge of investing, and discuss the day's market news. Others of us want to figure out how to pay off our credit card debt or live below our means. Our discussion boards bring together a diverse group of Fools with varying interests so we can all develop as investors and as people.

To help ensure that your visit to our discussion boards is educational, amusing, and enriching, we've created the Motley Fool Community Team. The team is made up of Fools from our community who embody the Foolish spirit of learning together and who share our vision of building the world's greatest investment community. You can identify them by the TMF or CMF at the front of their username. (Some TMFers are employees, and some are members of the Community Team.)

Overall you'll see our community team do the following:

  • Facilitate both the asking and answering of questions;
  • Promote cooperation and respectful communication; and
  • Share knowledge and insights on investing, especially within our universe of stocks.

Different Community Team members take on different roles. We've listed a few particularly relevant ones below.

Ticker Guides, as designated by the Ticker Guide  icon, strive to keep the conversations going on a particular company's discussion board. They post about earnings or news-related events as well as leading larger discussions that provide value to all members.

Coverage Fools, as designated by the Coverage Fool icon, expand beyond the role of a Ticker Guide by using their analytical expertise to distill key data from financial statements. Their work helps support a premium analyst team as well.

Home Fools, as designated by the  Home Fool  icon, focus on the boards in a particular service and encourage high quality discussions; help maintain a welcome environment for all posters; and jump start conversations in quiet boards by posting interesting content.

We're always looking for new people, so if you're a subscriber and a passionate member of our community who would be interested in joining the Community Team, please drop us a line at