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June 18, 1998

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Subject: a month in the life...
Author: Modul8

As a producer/enigineer in the music business with overlaps into theater/film business I'm recently and increasingly seeing a larger presence of Iomega products in entertainment related technology fields. I'll list some recent mentions of Iomega products in the last three audio magazines I've picked up:

1. Roland VS-840 Digital Studio Workstation - standard Zip (I have seen talk here about this)

2. ADSG Digital Audio Disk Recorder (modelDADR-5000) - snips from an AudioMedia magazine article May 98: The online media chosen by ADSG and Sony Pictures is Iomega's Jaz drive. 'We need a universal media we can ship anywhere in the world, just like a piece of film. That was the intent' says Michael Kohut, pres. of Sony Pictures Post Production......The ADSG's chosen solution: ADSG Professional Drives and Media, a professional version of the Iomega Jaz format. A technology which is mature with some proprietary modifications to the low level firmware to improve throughput, coupled w/ rigourous quality control of the drives and media..... (more on this great article if wanted).

3. 360 Systems - model DigiCart/II plus - stores 50 hrs of audio on hard disk and includes a built in Zip drive.

4. Octavia Modular Digital Editing - has optional Jaz bay available. Ad's show drive installed.

5. Fostex - modelDMT-8vl - shown in advertisement with SCSI Zip attached and two Zip Disks in the foreground.

6. EMU - modelESI4000 - 64 voice polyphony sampler w/ built in Zip drive standard.

7. EMU - modelE6400 - Zip/Jaz available (I'm not sure of option v. standard)

8. Yamaha - modelA3000 - New sampler from Yamaha with Zip drive included

9. Akai - modelDPS-12 - 12 track hard disk recorder w/ built in Jaz drive.

Note: All these above mentioned products were from three recent magazine purchases. Some ads were in more than one magazine. Additionally, over the last two months I've lived in London consulting on a new West End Musical and recording two albums and misc. singles. This is what I've seen: 10. As I attend rehearsals for a high profile West End Musical I noticed 4 Zip drives on my first visit to the theater. 1 for set designer(VST internal), 1 for lighting designer(VST internal), 2 for sound designer(external SCSI). Upon further visits I've seen 3 more: 1 in production office, 1 in copyist room and 1 more (total 3) for sound dept(all externals). This, of course, does not count my VST internal. So a total of 8 Zips (at least) in one theater, for one production, in 5 different departments on any (almost every) given day. (Pretty good I think). BTW, most of these people are freelance workers so this represents many individuals or larger companies. Not just one company.

11. ProTools Digital Audio Workstation 4 week rental - included Mac9600 w/ built in Zip. External Club Mac Jaz Drive. Related note: when 'trading' vocal takes w/ engineer at another studio he offered to send the final vocal over on a Zip disk. I gladly agreed.

12. Synth Programmer - session musician I work with quite often with La Cie Jaz drive and many disks floating around.

13. Euphonix Mixing console @ Sarm Studios, London (not sure of model#)- digitally controlled analog audio console w/ Jaz back-up and many clients :-).

14. Dixon's - superchain (Good Guys like) which recently started carrying Sparq drives. They have a good but not great selection of Iomega products in the 3 or 4 stores I have visited. I also have noticed a new supply of Sparq's recently in the store closest to where I am. I'll try to check on sales on my next visit.

15. Large presence in all PC magazines - way to many to list - seems like UK presence is increasing (based on observations of my last 3 years of many UK trips)

16. My neighbors garbage yesterday had an empty Zip Plus box in it (lol - not kidding) [ed. note: Please don't let this sentence become a thread!!!!!]

17. My personal purchase of my 35th Jaz disk!!! (albeit, 32 represent my business). I number and catalog the Jaz disks via Iomega's Find-It software for quick access to audio files in my Pro-Tools based home/road studio. As far as my Zips, I can't count (over 10 less than 20) as they are spread to far across my world (ie. 3 or 4 locations).

I'm sure I'm missing a few sightings (works been hectic) but I thought this might help shed some light on a 'month in the life' of an audio engineer/consultant. I was glad to see such a presence developing in the professional audio market. I might add for some perspective on the competition...except for the Sparq mention @ Dixon's and the obvious PC magazine sighting, I rarely saw and was never offered a vocal on a Superdisk or Syquest product.

Zip will replace the floppy. Clik! will replace the Zip. We have the next two standards.;-)

further reference and/or sources upon request

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