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August 24, 1998

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Subject: Re: Your Story
Author: CassWoman

" you folks are using The Motley Fool to help make your lives better."

Oh, Cheeze.... you have no idea!

These boards have given me such a sense of community! When I got out of graduate school two years ago and started trying to get out of debt and start learning about investing, I felt like I was the only one doing that in the entire world! All my classmates got out of school, got great jobs instantly (or so it seemed), and were buying houses, new cars, getting married, etc. In other words, they were spending lots of money, and I was still eking by and trying to pay off the medical bills, credit card bills, and student loans I'd accumulated in the previous two years.

I did a lot of reading on my own, and had seen the Fool books, but couldn't bring myself to take these guys seriously. Motley Fool? And these guys know what they're doing? Yeah, right! So I read, and I read, and I read more and more books (like 60 or so) on personal finance and debt and budgeting and investing and mutual funds.
  "Motley Fool? And these guys know what they're doing? Yeah, right!"
Then this spring (March 30th!) a colleague of mine said I had to check out the Fool. I looked at the website for a couple of days, was HIGHLY entertained by the April Fool's joke, found some solid information on the site, and realized that not only could I take these Motley Fool guys seriously (well, not too seriously!), but that they were really on to something and that I had been missing out!

And gee, the website has message boards? Why would I want to get onto those? I have all the 'good stuff' I need right he...... hey, these are pretty fun, and informative, and hey! I'm NOT THE ONLY ONE DEALING WITH THIS!! woo hoo!!! I'm not alone in my quest for liquidity. Or more liquidity. Or a higher net worth! Or at least a less LOW net worth! These things are addictive! And I've met so many wonderful, helpful, bright, hysterical people!

Cheeze, there are so many people on these boards who have entertained me, taught me, made me laugh when I needed it, and even made me cry a couple of times. I've shared many things with these people about my own life, and I think many of us, strange as it feels for me to say it, have become friends. And when we finally meet, we may not recognize the face instantly, but will instantly recognize the mind and soul that goes with it.

  "Cheeze, there are so many people on these boards who have entertained me, taught me, made me laugh when I needed it, and even made me cry a couple of times."

This is the only sense of community I have found of people who, though their lives are tremendously different, share many of the same goals, and come together on a common ground. Or can at least agree to disagree about a subject. And pun like crazy in the process!

This medium has been my support group when I have felt that there was no hope of seeing the light at the end of my debt tunnel, and has constantly, gently reminded me that everything will work out, and that one day I, too, will be among the debt-free, investing Fools. I can't wait for that day to arrive!

Student of the 13 step program! :)

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