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October 28, 1998

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Subject: Ceremonies
Author: Bweaver

Last Saturday I hosted an "I'm finally out of debt" party (see post #4260) and was surpised to discover the thrill OTHERS felt at my debt-freeness. The ceremony we held may be worthy of repetition/adaptation.

1) gather supplies: 3 liter bottle of Corsendonk Pale Ale (so much better than champagne!), custom-decorated cake (mine was VISA and MC logos under red-circle/slash), shredded and bagged credit card statements, matches, lighter fluid.

2) douse one bag of shredded docs with lighter fluid.

3) make appropriate speech full of thanks for support, promise to not debt again, offers of help for others in your former situation.

4) light bag.

5) open and pour a belgian ale.

6) cut and consume cake.

7) require each guest to light a bag of past debt in order to enter the beverage/cake line.

This ceremony created excessive goodwill, smoothed croquet-ruffled feathers, supplied heat to ward off the evening chill, and got a few attendees to think about how cool it would be to be out of debt.

After the last bag was sacrificed, more heat was needed. A veritable orgy of statements were individually placed upon the embers, and with each statement a blessing of debt not owed and past purchases paid. Friends reading "$70.56 to Meijer? Whadid you need that for?" and "30.56 to Barley's? You charged BEER?" and "Credit limit $7000 -- it's history!" was as warming as the fire.

I feel good. They feel good. At least two are inspired to make the debt-free effort as well.

How have y'all celebrated?


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