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November 12, 1998

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Subject: flying
Author: pitapos

Met with a group of engineers for lunch yesterday. Discuss business, co.'s, latest tech., etc. Then one mentioned taking flying lessons. Naturally sparked my husband's interest, one hobby he's been interested in for 20 odd years and I keep nixing. Nostalgia set in.

Let's see the first thing he got me in: ham radio, morse code still going through my brain ._ _. .. _ _ _ ._._ ..._ still have trouble between the dahs and dits.

Next, moved to Florida and while I was settling affairs up north, he took scuba diving. Shortly after so did I. Some great memories, most terrifying moment better then watching a good horror or haunted house movie. Underwater approximately 100ft in the middle of the night and turn off ALL your lights. What's nibbling at me. On light on.

Interesting moment, do a drift dive and come to the surface you realize you don't have the strength to reach the boat. Caught in the gulf stream. Hey wake up folks that little speck you see drifting away is me. Help.

Most fun. Taking a couple of weeks off from work and camp and scuba dive the Keys with a group of friends. We dove and camped from Ft. Lauderdale to Key West and back. Those memories worth a million.

The stupidest. Since none of us had alot of money we were creative. A friend of ours found a "boat" and after a year we restored it. Decided to try it out and dive our way from Florida to the Bahamas. We did worry on that a little because of drugtrafficking at the time. A boat like ours was perfect for the pirates to grab and smuggle in dope with. But back to the story decided to do a wall dive. Had a depth gauge with us. Great a drop off from 50 ft. to at least 2000 ft. Go for it. Ah, the drop off let's follow the shark down. About 150 ft. Nitrogen narcosis sets in, my husband starts following sharky down, down , down, grab him and start yanking, up, up, up. Oh, S--- decompression and don't have my chart, grab rope and figure 20 minutes at this depth, etc. Hope we don't have to hit a decompression chamber good thing were ham radio operators and have a radio with us. Knew there was a reason he wanted me to pick up that hobby.

The saddest, took up underground cave diving. Got our licenses. Central Florida had some caves, fascinating diving but very dangerous. More than once you'll see a plaque so and so died and it would be only 50ft from the entrance. We found a few years back our friend and an instructor drowned. Got cocky and sure of himself and went diving with a friend. Didn't take all the precations. They got lost. One went one way the other one went the other and only one came out.

Next we moved to Georgia and my husband took up dirt biking. What I always wanted for my birthday a dirt bike. Biking scares me but I'll be a sport. My husband said he could have made some money and to this day talks of this moment. He talked me into biking up a very steep hill. Experienced bikers loved it. Little old sucker me, starts up the hill, think my engine is ready to die almost at the top and gun the engine. He wishes he had a camera, I did a complete 360 degree rotation backwards, the sun was setting at the time so it was a beautiful yellow, orange globe, and he said I would have done Evil Kneivel proud. He said it was so BREATHTAKING. I still biked a little after that but not much.

Now he has gotten into computers, and I'm sitting in a room with four computers staring at me. (a new one appeared when I wasn't looking in the past couple of weeks) plus there are other's floating around the rest of the house all networked together. Uploading, downloading, playing TV, stereo and whatever else. I now have more computers than rooms. I wonder if the neighbors would mind if I can borrow some room from their homes. I'm running out of space. Making alot of new friends as my husband helps people with web sites and whatever. So far I haven't caught the bug all I want to know that if I turn on my system it will run without crashing.

But I'm putting my foot down on flying. One of our friends got a license and the four of us celebrated. We rented a four seater and flew from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando to have a couple of days in Disneyworld. This is not your commercial flight folks. As the engine sputters and you feel all the turbulance, they kept reassuring you that the first thing they instruct you on engine failure. The plane will glide, don't worry we'll just glide our way done. BS was my thinking to myself. Kissed the ground when I made it home. And swore like in Gone in the Wind. I'll never fly in one of those again.

Yesterday I heard the same thing. But if the engine dies, you'll just glide, glide, glide. I think I'll run and hide, hide, hide before I'll fly, fly, fly.

You said this board was dead. I hope this post helps.

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