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November 16, 1998

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Some of us think that The Land of Off Topic Posts is sort of an underworld of Fooldom, where the guys in leather jackets congregate. At times that image is even cultivated. Although the place is often a free-for-all, in keeping with it's mission, something great happened there last week.

A humanitarian call went out for those people devastated by hurricane Mitch (why do they give these agents of death and destruction cute names?). Here are some snippets of the conversation that warmed the hearts of many of us.

RSimm76 started it off with:

Subject: Hurricane Relief Fund Author: RSimm76
Date: 11/12/98 8:36 PM

Everybody here? Good. If you haven't read the "Hey, Cheeze" thread, go back to post 6112 to catch up. I really want this to be a Fool community effort, so I think we need TMF to agree to accept the mail flow, add it all up and send it on to the Red Cross. If they won't do it, I'll find some other way to pull it together -- I'm not sure the NADA Postmaster General (Sam Drucker) is up to this, but I'll wake him up and find out.

Are you out there, Cheeze? Check with the powers that be and let us know soon. I don't know if she'll hold together much longer, Captain. Thanks.


WilliB chimed in with (Willi was right):

Author: WilliB
Date: 11/12/98 8:41 PM

Actually, it might be more efficient to donate directly--it can be done on line.

The "I'm in!" posts started, each one spurring others on. You know who you are, I won't list them here.

Then, BandH gave an excellent suggestion for grass roots level help:

Author: BandH
Date: 11/12/98 10:12 PM

Another method of sending relief: Check the web for your particular church home page. Many of them provide addresses where money specifically designated for Mitch Relief can be sent. Also Tipper Gore was just on Larry King, and she recommended the Red Cross.

Things are now snowballing, and the attention of Bruce Hunter is captured:

Author: bruceh
Date: 11/13/98 10:49 AM

Thanks for helping get Fools involved in this important relief mission. The Fool is very concerned about such efforts and we'd be glad to hear from you directly. You can email me at In the meantime, we are preparing to launch our 1998 Share Our Strength Charity Drive and hope that you'll spread the word about this worthy cause, too. Fool on,

Since Bruce brought it up, here's the Share Our Strength mid-year report.

BandH makes a good point about getting the word out:

Author: BandH
Date: 11/13/98 6:01 PM

Well I hate that it took the Mother of all Hurricane's for the rest of us to find out about TMF's Charity Fund. I'm delighted to discover that something like that exists. But I still think everyone should help out in Honduras *also*!

Trick brings up something that hits home, when you think of the big picture:

Author: Trick
Date: 11/13/98 9:45 PM

Let the board know when you send your gift.

Pretty painless by phone, too. Amazing when you think you are contributing more than a months wages in another country. It all helps. 1-800-435-7669 or Rick

The thread is much larger than what is represented here, these are just some highlights to illustrate the magic. There are a lot of lessons to be taken from this outpouring of sympathy and support for a devastated group of people. Living in the most successful society in the history of humanity, we need to remember that humanity is comprised of all of us, and is contained within us. It is a blessing to be in a position to give.

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