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January 28, 1998

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Subject: Re: Time to Get Out???
Author: Steve11


I believe that 3DFX's technology is absolutely revolutionary. I had never seen anything like it, and I'm sure it's changed the face of game playing for the PC. However, I don't think you should compare TDFX with ATY (ATI Technologies). ATI is also video card manufacturer, but they are much, much much more widespread than 3DFX will ever be. ATI signed a deal with Compaq, which I believe is one of the reasons for its great runup.

Obviously, many people will pay around $200 for a 3D add-on board. I think it's worth it (I bought it as soon as I saw what it could do), but I know a lot of people don't (people don't even want to pay $60 for a video game). All people have to buy video cards, and businesses, which probably make up the bulk of computer purchases, have no interest in 3D capabilities.

Which leaves me still with the question: How high can it go? The Monster3D is amazing, and it really does everything that I want it to do. What can the Voodoo2 chipset do that will make me want to switch to it? I think 3DFX will run into the same problems that Intel in running into with the Pentium IIs. There is no new enabling technology in the Pentium IIs, which really leaves no impetus for people to migrate to them. In a nutshell, it's only faster. Just because it's faster doesn't make me want to switch. In fact, the software developers will probably make their software optimized for the VoodooI chipset because it will have a higher install base until the Voodoo I is discontinued and the Voodoo II chipset has been in circulation for a while.

Any thoughts?

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