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February 2, 1998

From our Tom Gardner's Place

Subject: The Mavins
Author: VlLPastor

The Mavins

With Great Apologies to Edgar Alan Poe (And anyone else)

Alone at midnight with eyes real bleary
When thoughts of investing are real dreary
Quoth the Mavins, "Nevermore"

If your brokerage accounts are churning
And with fees, your returns are burning
Quoth the Mavins, "Out the Door"

Go to Fool School to learn investing
Or your assets, their value will be depressing
Quoth the Mavins, "Learn the Score"

There's foolish books for the buying
Full of advice well worth trying
Quoth the Mavins, "Use the Store"

Watch their portfolios as they're building
And answer your questions, yes they're willing
Quoth the Mavins, "Don't be a bore"

But if your lifestyle is fueled with credit
Learn to budget, you won't regret it
Or your money, out will pour

A Foolish Four is a firm foundation
With most it's a cause for jubilation
Quoth the Mavins, "It's the floor"

Now to Large Caps should you be turning
They have the assets, sometimes for burning
But say the Mavins, "Peruse the Lore"

Mid Caps, Small Caps, and the Short Calls
With the others, they are the be and end alls
Quoth the Mavins, "Have a core"

Have some fun while your port is buildin
Take a vacation with your children
Or your life will be too poor

Now this poem at last is ending
No more rhyme schemes will be rending
Quoth the Mavins, "Please no more"

Valerie Pastor, 1998

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