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March 16, 1998

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Subject: Re: sub $1,000 dry well
Author: AppleG3Fan

New here and would just like to throw in my two cents. Being that I work at a company that has almost 3,000 computers, half of which are Macintoshes, half are Intel/Wintel/Compaq, I can safely say that your experience with features and ease of maintenance must be uniquely your own. I support both platforms, have for quite some time, and can safely say that the issues with maintaining a Win95/NT machine are significantly more esorteric than dealing with any Macintosh.

Do me a favor, look inside your Windows/WinNT directory and tell me what half of those files do. Do you have any idea? I would say you don't. The fact is, the Win95/NT platform works more on voodoo than anything else, and when it goes down, good luck trying to bring it back. Just try installing network drivers on Windows NT with a 3com 3c509 network card when installing NT. First, ya have to go FIND the drivers. How do you do this? Well, for that you have a second computer, because you can't finish the network installation of NT until you get the drivers. You go to the 3com site. You download a 'softpac', which then expands into a .exe file. Then you run this .exe file, which you have to either expand (i.e., expansion numero dos) onto or copy onto a floppy disk. THEN, if you're half-savvy you'll make a note of the absolute path to the driver (if you even know which file the driver is... let's see... Is that a:\34215\3c509.inf? How intuitive!), because once you put the disk in that NT machine, there's NO 'browse' button at the network driver installation. What a treat! An hour later, it might have worked... if you're lucky.

Hope it did, because if it didn't, you won't have any idea why. Time to call that Compaq customer service line to be asked for your support authorization #, which you of course don't have, only to be put in a telephone queue so you can get a support authorization # number that allows you to call ANOTHER number where you can get technical support. Having fun yet? If you're somewhat lucky, you can find someone who is not just reading from a script of solutions they have in a database of common problems with this kind of installation. Feeling helpless yet? Boy, that was a LOT easier than just takin' that dang ethernet cable and plugging it into the back of your Mac and turning Appletalk to Ethernet! Oh... and if you thought that was not nearly enough fun, go install IE4. Hope you like vaporizing irretrievable hours of your life... have a T1? Hope so!!

Your statement about scsi problems, conflicts and crashes you experience, and ease of maintenance problems sounds quite peculiar. I rarely crash, never have scsi problems, and I have 3 scsi devices connected to my computer (just for fun, try connecting a scsi or other peripheral device to Win95... now THAT's what I call a good time!!). In fact, I have 2 computers at work, and one of them crashes more than the other. Guess which? My WinNT box!

I'm disappointed that a Mac user such as yourself would encourage people to buy Wintel because of lack of titles. I've seen lots of Mac titles in the stores, and you know what? If people continue buying the new G3's at the rate they are, might even be encouraging for developers to make MORE titles!!

Furthermore, I wish everyone would understand that even in the unfortunate and seemingly more and more unlikely scenario that Apple would go away, who do you think benefits from that? Don't you think that Microsoft, the undisputed king of buggy and half-baked software, could USE some competition? Don't you think they're complacent enough as it is? Do you think they'll be inspired to actually write some GOOD software if there's no one there to compete against? Besides, if Apple isn't around, who are they going to steal ideas from??

No my friends, even you Intel fans should be rooting for Apple, it's in your own best interest. Oh... and btw, my new G3 SMOKES my new 300 mhz pentium II and cost about half as much. ;-) m

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