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March 23, 1998

From our
Communion of Bears Board

Subject: Re: This Board Really Does Educate
Author: MKreusch

Perhaps we can draw out every ounce of knowledge and experience from this group & start the first not-for-profit advisory service on the web. Kind of a communistic knowledge economy with the motto "To each according to need, from each according to ability" or however that thing goes. A pro-bono place to find out what you need to know about investments on any level to get value. lawyers do pro-bono, doctors do pro-bono, why don't brokers and investment advisors?

I will pledge 5,000 posts to TMF (assuming the next bear doesn't put them out of business) with an option for 10,000 more (depending on volumes), whether I end up a broken hoodoo or managing for Soros, if I should be so fortunate to succeed in this field. So post as fast as you can, and maybe we can reach some kind of critical mass and gain a larger audience than Matthew Drudge or the Pam Anderson home page?

PS Anyone gonna buy the 10,000 post put I'm offering because they doubt that this board will get big enough? How about a race between the "Communion of Bears" and the DJIA to reach 10,000?

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