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March 18, 1999

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Subject: Wetherell Mania
Author: LisaJeanne

I'm a guidance counselor/science teacher. As such: it's taken me some time and determination to save up the $6000.00 I most vehemently wanted (yes - that's a past-tense), to invest in CMGi stock.

As I approached my financial goal I concurrently researched and monitored the company's many mood-swings, trials and tribulations. Thank goodness it took me so long to pull together my resources, otherwise I'd have bought a stock in a company where the head honcho is publicly playing school-yard games with his arch enemy du jour.

I listened carefully last week when DW resigned in anger from the LCOS board of directors, and listened again when he reported to the world that his company was more interested in value than in stock splits. Then I listened REALLY carefully when he reported "there are other suitors (plural) to LCOS". Oh really? Who?

"I strongly urge Dave to check his ego at the door, as well as seek some assistance in handling stress. Childish games are not good for business. "

Today,...I listened carefully again (this time with my jaw on the floor) when he informed his investors that...oops...yes indeedy - there will be a stock split afterall. Hmmmm.....

Perhaps post traumatic stress (from blowing the eBAY deal) has set in? Hmmm....Or, maybe he's just real upset about the current investor interest in his company as evidenced by the recent drop in share price?

I love the concept of CMGi, Really I do. But my hard earned money is going to a company where the Owner/CEO/president has a bead on reality and can handle himself in a dignified, professional manner.

I strongly urge Dave to check his ego at the door, as well as seek some assistance in handling stress. Childish games are not good for business.

I'm relatively certain that his questionable methods of vaulting his stock into the stratosphere will be successful tomorrow (3/18). However, it won't be my money fueling the rise.

Just my opinion.

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