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March 25, 1999

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Subject: Re: Cisco's performance...
Author: StrikeItLucky

I'm sure this has been posted before in a # of variations. But, for me it is a real problem. I bought CSCO near the recent high (107) and it has been dropping like a rock ever since. I have always been LTB&H, but, when you only have a little seeing it go consistently in the wrong direction is very hard. My investment is extrememly small compared to others, however it is a lot to me.

I agree, this is absolutely terrible. I only started investing very recently but my analysis shows that I have been achieving good returns on most of my stocks. I like to aim for 7 or 8 thousand percent a year and I like to invest in blue chips like e-bay or even aol. I had a little spare money a while back and bought a very few Cisco shares because somebody told me it was an internet stock. I did a little research and discovered that this was true so I bought as many as I could. It's been several weeks now and while lots of my other stocks have doubled in that time Cisco is down - what a loser.

Why is it doing this? The research and data that I looked a prior to purchasing said it should be basically going thru the roof. Did I miss something?

I think it's because the board of directors keep ignoring my advice. After the first week of this abysmal stock price performance I wrote to them suggesting a 6 for 1 split. (I haven't actually seen a six for one split before - but Amazon's 3 for 1 worked so well that I figure a 6 for 1 would work even better for Cisco.) Since then things have gotten so desperate that my last couple of letters have recommended a 16 for 1 split and sacking the CEO. Who is this Bill Gates fellow anyway (I think that was the name of the CEO. My research got a bit hazy since it was mostly conducted in an establishment doing business under the trading name of "BackYard Bar and" . I think the word "Grill" used to be featured at the end of that slogan a few years back but it's gone now. How times change eh?) - he might have been a big shot in the past but he sure as hell isn't working out for us now. I think they should appoint Al Gore (that will be in my next letter to the board by the way - I love the way I can have these brilliant ideas just as I write) - after all he started the internet so he should know what the best strategy is for an internet company going through the doldrums.

Anyhow - I'm going to give Cisco another week to double or I'm out.