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May 5, 1999

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Subject: More Information for Reservists
Author: TMFRunkle

Today I went to the JAG office and picked up some pamphlets on re-employment rights and the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act.

The Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act provides protection for you should you be activated. Here are some of the high points from the pamphlet:

Interest Rates at 6%

You may be entitled to lower your interest rates to 6% on loans provided the following (quoting directly here):

a. You took out the loan during a time when you were not on any form of active duty in any branch of the military.

b. The interest rate is above 6% a year.

c. Your military service affects your ability to pay the loan at the regular (pre-service) interest rate. Generally this requirement means that you make less money in the military than you made as a civilian. There are some special legal issues here - you should be ready to talk to you Legal Assistance Attorney about your entire financial situation

d. You notified the lender.

You also can get out of an apartment or house lease, and delay lawsuits. As for the lower interest rates, you really need to see your Legal Assistance people for this.

You also have stronger re-employment rights than we did during Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Basicly, there is no longer any distinction from you being activated involuntarily, or if you volunteer. You can be on active duty for up to 5 years and still have re-employment rights. The most important thing I read was you have to notify your employer in writing and in a reasonable amount of time. This doesn't apply if your activation doesn't give you time to do this. Since those of us in the Selected Reserve must be able to report within 24 hours of activation, this could conceivably happen.

For a more detailed synopsis, check out this link: http://tecnet2.jcte.jcs.mil/htdocs/afrcnews/99072.htm

As a final note, there are a number of things you can do now with little difficulty which will save you a lot of hassle should you be activated. I suggest getting a Power of Attorney now, of course choose someone you trust. If you go away, your spouse or significant other may need to make transactions in your behalf. Make sure your Form 93 (emergency data) is up to date. Your will should be up to date.

Oh, and a final thing - many of us in the Reserves don't have that many uniforms. When you do one weekend a month, two sets do quite nicely. Now may be the time to consider getting another set or two and having the patches sewn on. Trying to do that in the very little time you get between call-up and deployment could be a nightmare.

That's all I could think of for now.