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May 10, 1999

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Subject: Re: apology
Author: kmdesignfools


I've been contributing to this board for over a year now, and have been a Fool since it's Iomega hey-days when it was still just AOL-only.

With that said, I'd like to elaborate on your specific point that "no one here is talking about the things I've observed. In fact, the rumors and answers I'm reading about Apple's decisions are contrary to the facts. IMHO there is a lot of learning to be done."

I beg to differ.

Although some of the observations posted here tend to be sophomoric, useless words of euphoric jubilation (my posts of breaking the 52-week high included, I humbly admit), most of the writing is quite inquisitive, enlightening, and brilliantly simplistic.

Yes, simplistic. See, if one reads enough posts here (and at other boards, I presume) one can begin to ferret-out incredibly subtle inferences pointing towards Jobs and his management team having that long-range, six-year plan, and that they are implementing that plan to near-perfection so far.

"Yes, it can be hard to keep the topic analytical at times, but that's half the fun."

But the beauty of this board is that it gives *everyone* a chance to voice their respective opinion on the past, the present and the future of Apple. If this board didn't exist at all, I submit to you that your analysis, no matter how clearly thought-out (and I think you've made many great observations and points--don't get me wrong), no matter how "on-the-mark", has been helped considerably by those who don't "see" as clearly as you do--those who post their thoughts and opinions here.

Yes, it can be hard to keep the topic analytical at times, but that's half the fun. As a graphic designer I was taught early-on to never throw any idea away. We called it brainstorming--a technique I continue to use today (although, the coffee didn't seem to get the brain "storming" very much at the A.M. meeting :( ). As the pile of "bad" ideas grows, a few might fall to the ground where the eye catches it upside down or sideways. "Eureka!" I've said many times. "That crappy logo sure seems to work upside down. Let's investigate that one now."

My point? All the rumors and answers you've read here are merely good 'ol folks brainstorming in their own way. No one knows what Jobs has up his black turtle-necked sleeve, not even you. But in order to get a grasp on the company and its plans for the future one must guess a bit, maybe go so far as to speculate. There's always the MD&A/10-K/10-Q, etc. to consider, true. And you might love to attack the stock at that angle because it suits your comfort-level. Others might just like to dream a bit. Still others might not be able to eloquently say what they deciphered, but they post here anyway. And I thank them for doing so all the time.

"My point? All the rumors and answers you've read here are merely good 'ol folks brainstorming in their own way."

To say that the five, fruity-colored iMac's are the "tools of advanced market research" is keen thinking on your part. But it's been discovered already by countless others on this board and in the press--maybe not as soon as you discovered, but soon enough. And the regaining of desktop space percent-wise has been tracked here for over a year.

We *are* talking about the things you have observed, BlueHerring. It's just that the conversation hasn't been between you and one other board member directly, but between everyone here, day-in and day-out. If you want to discuss ideas and observations here, you are more than welcome to do so. I'm sure there will be many, many people willing to discuss, point by point. Still others will just read and come to their own conclusions without posting to you directly.

Either way, what you post here is being read and will be thought about. You are one opinion amongst many. Tell us your latest thoughts. We want to hear them.

IMHO, there *is* a lot of learning to be done. By you, me,... everyone here. Let's get on with it.

I look forward to your future posts.

Fool On!