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August 27, 1999

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Milton Hershey School

Author: Slotter

[The following refers to the August 25 Dueling Fools feature on Hershey]

I attended Milton Hershey School, and so my opinion towards Hershey's (HERCO) is obviously biased.

With that in mind, I have two points to make.

First, one needs to examine earnings in their assessment of Hershey's stock and they have been consistent and thus a good stable stock to add to anyone's portfolio.

Second, Milton Hershey, with his wife Catherine, started a school in 1909 for orphans or children from broken homes, as I was, to teach them to be productive members of society. After 90 years of operation, the school has performed exceptionally well and held true to its "Deed of Trust" which is the instructions from its founders and benefactors, Milton and Catherine Hershey. There are thousands of us alumni acting as doctors, scientists, clergymen, engineers, etc. The list goes on and on.

Personally, I had tremendous growth potential, but in the environment I was living in would not have come close to realizing it. I am fortunate that my older sister realized what good the school would do for me and that she took the initiative to have my father place me in the school. Now I'm a senior software engineer at a small but elite design firm in Pittsburgh, PA and I have not only the drive to take my career further, but to also become an entrepreneur myself - maybe even creating a few jobs in the process.

Where I'm getting at here is that when you invest in Hershey, you directly benefit Milton Hershey School - which produces quality citizens who have a direct and positive effect on the economy and your small investment realizes huge gains in the long run. By investing in Hershey, you are investing in America.

-Dave Slotter
MHS c/o 1990