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September 22, 1999

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Re: Disgruntled At Dell?

Author: BruceBrown

It goes with the territory. CNBC has a 'special edition' entitled Tuesday Sell-Off. TMF uses an amalgam of sensationalism headlines and over dramatic enticements to 'attract' the skimmers eye. Skim it all and stay focused. If investors listened to only the headlines or drama - they shouldn't be invested in the first place. TMF is not alone in this practice - as media of any sort tends to flock to it.

It's all just noise. Throw in the attack of the killer Dells we are under from the buzzing bugs and it is easy to get frustrated when whichever TMF spirit is supposed to be watching the Dell board reports back and allows such drovel to be pointed out. Good thing about insects - they only live a few days before passing on. Harken back to the Dell revenue numbers that were a little softer than expected earlier this year. Does anyone remember what TMF used for a headline on that one? I was frustrated and stated so to the Foolish gander forces that be.

I'd sing the famous death march song in my best voice for the bugs, but until this Internet thing is voice/video capable - it just won't cut it. Until then, I'll keep my pant legs rolled up for fear of soiling them on the customer service affront that said troll(s) are using as a pedestrian topic. Those of us who live in big cities are quite used to dodging the doggie doo-doos one confronts while strolling along.

If you ever go to McDonald's and get a burger that has been in the warmer for more than two minutes and fries that really aren't french - sell your stock and inform as many of the diners seated in the restaurant that McDonald's isn't quite the epitome of gastronomy that you thought it was when you bought the stock by freeing your stomach of the obstructions just eaten all over the tiled floor.

If your Ford automobile doesn't work right out of the dealership when you close the deal and it ends up having to go in the repair shop for an adjustment - sell the stock and shout loudly "Ford = 'Found on Road Dead' until your vindication seems fulfilled.

Heaven forbid that your Maytag repairman would ever have to show up at the front door because the trusted washing machine was choking on your shorts. Sell your Maytag stock and hang your shorts in the front yard for the entire neighborhood to enjoy along with the repairman.

Then, for a real thrill. One that is so unique, creative, individual and sublime to make your exocrine gland go into hypersonic production. Do this: When you miss out on a several thousand percent return on shares of Dell stock and end up holding a baseball card collection of Compaq shares instead (without the bubble gum), run on over to the Dell message boards of the Internet and cry deep from the gullet - 'WOLF'!

I can't tell you how exhilarating such a thrill could actually be. Wow!