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September 30, 1999

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[Note: RSimm76 is taking a well deserved breather after 2000 posts. Fare thee well, Fool!]


It's Not You, It's Me

Author: RSimm76


Before now, I've never been in a position to use this line, and I figured I'd better not let pass an opportunity that may never come again.

The last post of my second millennium has preceded by a calendar quarter the beginning of the last year of our calendar's second millennium, and it seems like a fitting place to bug out -- at least for a while. I've taken sanctuary in the refuge of NADA since post 237 at 10:16 on August 21, 1998. Now it's time to step back out on my own.

I thank TMF for their gracious and undemanding hospitality -- I've never clicked an ad, I've never purchased a TMF product and I'm sure that I have occasionally been at least a minor irritation; but they've never asked for anything from me and they've never pulled one of my posts.

I consider many of you my friends, although Scuba is the only one I've met. We have enjoyed a fair amount of nonsense, and we have endured some sadness. We have tried to do some good together even in our anonymity. We have shared ideas and helped each other think. We have had some sharp disagreements and some hard discussions. We have stepped on each others' toes. We have wrestled around on the floor and gotten mad when the play turned rougher than we expected. We have sulked, and we have learned to apologize and move on. We have done what people do. I thank you all for that.

I also apologize to the more than a few of you to whom my words have brought offense.

Whether or not I would agree with what you do, I encourage all of you to try to make a difference wherever you are. Offer help to those who need it just because you can. Keep a special eye out for children who need a gentle word to help them find their way.

To steal and butcher a few lines from one of my favorite poems by a man not well-loved by modern sensibilities:

I'll meet you later on,
In the place where I have gone,
Where it's always double drill and no canteen.
I'll be squatting on the coals,
Giving drinks to poor damned souls,
And that's how you'll know that it's me.