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December 2, 1999

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Subject:  Re: Someday tell me this is the bottom...
Author:  Rober1y

"Any of you out there who have a similar impression? Interested in replies. Gotta go."

This is not my first post, but your post inspired me to write. I agree with the sentiment of your post,... sort of. Almost without exception concern over the daily fluctuations (or lack thereof) of a stock's price is a complete and utter waste of time. Period. It's the long term company value, not the short term stock value that's important.

However, perhaps it takes time to come to that realization. From your post, it appears that you've had the advantage of time to learn that. You began investing when the reality of the stock market was more apparent, to wit: It's a risky business. I suspect that most of today's individual investors, including myself, have never actively invested in a bear market. All we know is up. "The stock market is just like a savings account, except with a better rate of return, right?" Of course not. So when a dose of reality hits, the water can be especially cold. For the "investors" who don't like the water temp, it's gut check time. Trade greater security for lower returns. And, you know what: That's fine. Conversely, go for the chance of a greater return with more volatility along the way. Know the risk in following either course, however.

"With information comes the strength to know what your comfort level is and to act confidently..."

For me, that's where the Motley Fool and its boards come in. With information comes the strength to know what your comfort level is and to act confidently with respect to your financial future. Reading the Fool, can serve as a financial compass and road map (and in real life I hardly ever ask for directions). Despite my LTBH approach, I come to the boards almost daily to see what news there is concerning my investments. I also enjoy the sense of "virtual" community here. Some posts are funny, some are informative, others are thought provoking. I like that.

Some posts are worthless. In my list of pet peeves: Discussion about daily stock prices (for the reasons stated above); Discussion of "Target Prices" (If you really know where this stock's price will be next month, just go ahead and put a sell order in for that date.); Whether or not this is a good investment (Think about it, I bought and I haven't sold. What do you think my opinion is? Its not going to be much help if I'm wrong or is ill informed! Specific question are great, however, "I just saw that ***** has invented a ******. How might this affect *****?); Dittoheads ("I agree with you 110%. Stay long brother and we'll all be rich in no time."); Spam (Need I elaborate?); Opinions unsubstantiated by fact ("You're wrong, I'm right" "We are all going to be rich/die penniless."); Preachy Posts, (Hey, wait a minute....?).

"...the one thing we all have in common is that we are seeking some sort of contact with others sharing our interest."

Regardless, the one thing we all have in common is that we are seeking some sort of contact with others sharing our interest. After all, one of our most valuable "possessions" is at risk: our financial security and future or put more bluntly, our money. And let's face it folks, the common denominator is our interest in making as much money as fast as we can. That's my interest, base as it may be. While my investing horizon is at least 20 years, in my heart, I hope that its much shorter. Tomorrow would work out just fine. From my perspective, once I reach a certain level, I'm taking some cash off the table, putting it in the mattress and retiring to a cramped, smelly big city with traffic jams. (I currently live on an idyllic tropical island. Most of you seem to want to retire to a tropical island. I hope you all get your wish. Nothing personal, however, but I hope to be gone before you all get here.).

Anyway, the real reason your post struck a chord with me is that I have been missing the way this board used to be. Long time posters and lurkers have certainly noticed that some of our favorites don't come around as much anymore. We have to go to their boards to learn what's really up with our company and the industry. That's what really gets me revved up about JDSU. The future. Discussion of the future is what convinces me I'm in the right place, regardless of what happened today. Look back on the past 30+ posts. What would a new investor have learned about JDSU?

Let's have fun here. But let's not let little things like price fluctuation get in the way of the bigger picture. Let's hamster dance at news of patent filings; new business deals/mergers, growing corporate earnings and, the ever expanding need for more and more and more and more bandwidth. My little toes are tapping right now!

Here's hoping to a happy retirement tomorrow. Whenever that is.

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