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December 6, 1999

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Subject:  Investor's discussion...
Author:  BruceBrown

I'm posting this here as well as the Dell board because I think it is important to point out the direction the weekend discussion between investors has been taking on the two boards. It's an educational, well controlled look at our investments without the mix of usual negative subjects (we all know who that referes to) to impare the discussion. My highest hope and suggestion is that we continue along that line regardless if we agree to disagree or if we are simply contributing to each other's broader perspective in terms of investing.

"...rationality lends itself to creating the best environment for discussion between investors."

I believe the goal of the majority of participants that participate here on the Fool are interested in creating wealth through investing. We all know that this creation can be done through a variety of investments. There is no one correct answer. That's the beauty of the beast.

So, I for one would like to encourage the continued deportment as we have witnessed this weekend because for the first time in many, many months - the messages have been getting through and more thought provoking discussion has taken place than ever before. Why? Because rationality lends itself to creating the best environment for discussion between investors.

We will all learn a lot more about our investments, our character and our decision making process by continuing with a level of decorum that doesn't alienate others. That's a valuable mantra for life, for sharing with other Fools and for helping each other become successful investors.

Fool on!


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