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December 15, 1999

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Subject:  Re: JDSU
Author:  wilkun

Joerosonina in #3590

What is the consensus on this Stock I bought in at 199 about a month or so ago..... I only bought 10 shares but would like to increase my position. I saw an interview of CNBC with a high level offical at JDSU and he said that they have no competition in this fiber optic laser area.... Is this true????? what are the long term prospects for this company??????

Welcome to the JDSU Board.

I cannot begin to tell you how gravely it concerned me to read you post. As you are a new Fool, and haven't yet filled out your profile, I know nothing of your financial status, it frightens me that you would risk 2000 hard earned dollars on an investment which you clearly haven't researched. This is not to chastise you, per se, because in this powerful market many have bought stocks on momentum alone without reviewing the fundamentals. As a visitor to the Fool, you undoubtedly know what the brothers Gardener & Co.'s take on this approach to "investing" is.

Go back and read the 13 steps here:

Next read the JDSU FAQ at the top of this page. I think you'll find it an excellent jumping off point for understanding this company, as well as the competitve environment it operates in.

As with any other investment, arm yourself with knowledge. You'll sleep better at night having the confidence that comes with knowing the rationale behind each and every investment decision you make.

I say all of this not to lecture, but to share some of the advice I myself have received on these boards. Sharing information and helping others reach their own informed decisions is at the very heart of what this community is all about.

Here's to watching your knowledge base- and your profits- soar.


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