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January 13, 2000

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Subject:  Answers to a Few Questions
Author:  chriscospins

I don't post often, but I am an avid reader of several of the boards here at TMF and consider the message boards to be an important source of information about the companies in my portfolio. Lately, the sheer volume of posts on the QCOM board has become staggering. If all the posts or even the majority contained substantive, informative content then I would welcome this but since they don't let me answer some of the repetitive questions which continue to take up space which could be used for other meaningful discussion.

1) Splits have, at best, a psychological effect. Stop asking about them. There is a calendar here at TMF with split dates and ratios. Please refer to it.

2) QCOM and all your other stocks will go up, down, stay still, etc. Most of the time, no one will know the reason for this. Don't ask why the stock dropped half a point, ten points, or fifty points. Do research and find out.

"The beauty of these boards lies in the diversity of opinion on most every issue."

3) Don't ask if you should buy QCOM or any other stock. Do your own research and buy what you like.

4) Don't ask if now is the time to sell, lock in profits, etc. No one else here knows the answer to that any better than you. Having done your research and come to an informed decision to purchase a stock, it is also your perogative to do your research and come to an equally informed decision on when to sell that same stock.

5) Cheerleading is great, at a football game.

6) Don't engage in petty bickering with someone who takes a position saying QCOM or any other stock is overvalued, undervalued, a big fraud, etc. If you can present evidence to dispute this person's claim then do so without degrading the other individual's intellect. The beauty of these boards lies in the diversity of opinion on most every issue. Present your case WITH RESEARCH and move on. If you have no research or information to contribute to an issue, then be content to simply read the differing research of others and come to your own informed decision.

7) Posting to say you put someone in the penalty box is a waste of your time and everyone elses and contributes nothing to the educational atmosphere of the boards.

8) The Gardners do not hate QCOM. They have personal opinions about stocks as do the rest of the TMF staff. They are no more or less valid then your well-researched opinion. If they don't own QCOM they have their reasons. Leave it at that.

9) QCOM and other pet stocks are not living beings. Stop acting like someone slapped your child when they post their negative opinion about your favorite company.

The real point of all this is to say be sensible and civil before you decide to take up the space of the QCOM board and the time of your fellow investors. Most of us have real jobs outside the market and can't afford to spend time plowing through a mountain of minutia in order to find the good posts. Please confine yourself to contributing quality posts. It will make everyone happier.

Thanks for your time.


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