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January 18, 2000

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Subject:  CNBC Thursday, if the rumor is true...
Author:  nole1

I'm probably getting ahead of myself here, but I can't help but thinking what CNBC will look like on Thursday if the rumors are true.....

CNBC newsroom...."How's my hair?...oh, we're on the air? This is Market Wrap, I'm Sue Harera, and this is my hair....Tyler Mattheson is hiding behind it...This just in from the news desk, the answer to the AOL/Time Warner merger has just been announced.....AT&T has announced that it will offer $60 per share for the @Home part of Excite@Home....Yahoo has announced at the same press conference that they will buy the Excite portion for $60, making the combined deal worth $120 per share to ATHM stockholders....for more on the story, here's Kathleen Tanzy from the Instinet trading floor..."

Instinet Floor...."Thanks Sue, in after hours trading on Instinet, shares of Yahoo up fractionally, Microsoft is up 1 1/16 and AT&T down just over a half on the news.....oh, yeah, Excite@Home is trading at double it's closing value...back to you....Sue"

Sue Herera: "For more on this huge deal here's a report from our little friend, who obviously isn't a Hair Club member, Ron Insana..."

Ron: "Well, Sue, I can't get over the fact that I interviewed a President!!! Can you believe it! Little, bald headed Ron Insana, interviewing a President!..."

the director cuts back to the studio as Sue is applying lots of Mousse to that hair....

Sue: "uhhh....For those of you who just joined us, big news in the internet world involving Yahoo, Microsoft, AT&T....that news after this commercial break..."

after commercial break:

Sue: "Here's Bill Griffeth with a look at what's coming up on the Edge..."

Bill: "Thanks, Sue, nice hair....on the Edge tonight, Yahoo, AT&T and Microsoft involved in a major deal that may make a dent in AOL's huge lead in broadband internet..."

Sue: "Thanks Bill, well that about wraps up this edition of Market Wrap...I'm Sue Herera"

OK, so I'm having a little

Scott (rumorsRus)

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