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January 24, 2000

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Subject:  Mom's JDSU Goes Up
Author:  GFPE

My 56-year-old mom called me today. When I answered, the first thing she said was: "My JDSU went up."

Like a typical condescending son, I said, "That's great, but do you even know what they do?"

"Yes," she said, "they make the chocolate chips."


"They make the chocolate chips for the cookies."


Then she said: "Yeah, they make fiber-optics for the Internet and communications, and that's like the company that makes the chocolate chips that go into cookies."

"Okay. How did you hear about JDSU? Your investment club?"

"No, I read about it on The Fool."

Well, I guess her understanding of JDSU is as good as any. :) Go mom!

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