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January 27, 2000

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Subject:  Time for a Celera breather
Author:  SamIAm99


It's getting tough to get through all the posts, respond where necessary, and still have time to watch the Simpsons. I think I'm getting too involved.

I sat here tonight wading through the hundred-plus posts, preparing my responses and thought: uggh, I don't feel like doing this. Here I am preaching a long term approach to investing in companies like Celera, and yet insist on checking the daily close and posting my now familliar rash of comments. Enough.

Tomorrow is the earnings announcement and certainly deserves attention. More for company news and updates than any numbers they present. But after that no more Celera for me, thank you very much. No more quotes, alerts, or battles with the confused. My boss will definitely be pleased.

Don't get me wrong: I love discussing the fundementals of this company. I truly enjoy diving into their business model, critiqueing their technology, playing gorilla games, and blathering to myself about real option analysis. I'm sure I'll drop by now and then to post some new whacky theory or other (davefeatherstone has given me "rec envy";-)). But I think an investment in Celera requires a healthy distance. I've said it before: you must be willing to lose every dollar you put into Celera. The stock is that risky. A long (very long!) term view is needed, and I feel I'm losing some of my discipline by watching the stock's daily twictches.

Why am I subjecting you to this diatribe? Because I think many of us claim a LTB&H philosophy, yet obsess daily with the fervor of a day-trader. This is a stock to stick under your pillow to forget about. Check in quarterly to see if they still fit your vision for the future, then stick it back under for safe keeping. Check in with big news, ask questions if you're new, but try an keep a healthy distance from this high-flyer. It will help keep your long term thinking intact.

So it's time to look for new stocks to buy. Time to learn more about other industries. Time to give my rotisserie basketball team some much needed attention. And time to grab a bottle of great wine and hang out with my wife.

See ya around.


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