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February 3, 2000

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Subject:  Responding to split questions
Author:  rehowes

[Note: We have a board to discuss stock splits, and here is some information we have written on the subject.]

How many times on this board and others does someone ask if a stock is splitting? That's right, too many.

Let's try something, look at the profile. Wanna bet that they have been Registered Fools for a month or two? Wanna bet that they have about five posts?

IMO flaming these posts is about the same thing as whipping an infant with a belt because he/she cries because of a wet diaper. We just expect it.

Let's face it there are radio commercials telling how we can double our money in 60 days by investing in stocks that will split. It got my attention before I became Foolish. Claims like that were what got me looking around for investment sites.

"If I were treated like some of the newbies here I would have found another site."

Luckily I found TMF and some of the firsts threads I followed reeducated me. If I were treated like some of the newbies here I would have found another site. Maybe I would have found a site that would have helped me lose my money while attempting to double it.

Don't we want to help out new potential Fools? Let's be kind. Let's refer them to the Fool School. Recommend they get 13 Steps. Recommend other boards that address their question. Recommend lurking for a while before venturing out for the next post.

Most questions will have an answer somewhere on this board. But remember this site is huge. I'm still finding things that everyone should know. I would have appreciated a helping hand when I first started.

Granted, some people will never catch on. Flame on. But let's give them a chance first.

PS. I am working on a standard reply for these questions. I will put it in a text file on my PC that I can paste into a reply. I encourage other helpful sorts to do likewise.


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