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March 7, 2000

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Subject:  My Foolish Ambition
Author:  phantomdiver

For many years, I've said that I didn't know what I wanted to do when I grew up. At various times, I've wanted to be a stewardess, physical anthropologist, mathematician, priest, librarian, technical writer, and Web developer. (I've actually become a tech writer, though it isn't my heart's desire.) Because I could never settle whole-heartedly on a career, I figured I was a dilettante and would just never be satisfied. So I settled down at various jobs and tried to be content.

But now I think I've got it. I know what I want to be when I grow up.

I know why I followed Coke stock at age 10, though nobody in my family invested. I know why math called to my heart (though, to be fair, so did lots of things). I know why the idea of managing my own account was so attractive to me when I heard about it at age 30 or so.

However, I didn't have enough money to buy stock, I didn't know how to do it, I didn't know anybody who knew how -- and society told me that nobody bought stock but fat cats anyway. So I put away my dreams as a child puts away dreams of being an astronaut or NFL quarterback. They just wouldn't work, and I've always been a very practical person.

But now the puzzle pieces are falling into place as to why I wanted these things. It's because what I really want to do is be an investor -- not as a full-time job, but for a few hours a day. I want to have enough to be able to retire. Sound familiar?

I thought I'd have to have boocoo bucks to retire. Well, maybe I do. But maybe I don't really have to retire. Maybe I can get enough to manage on and then just work at managing my assets. Now that would be fun!

And if it weren't for the Fool (this board and the MI board in particular), I would never have figured it out. Thanks, Fools. You've made my day -- and maybe my ambition.


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