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March 15, 2000

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Subject:  I Am Proud of CRA Board Participants
Author:  ElricSeven

[Note: This news story gives some context on the following post.]

After the freak show today, I can't express enough how proud I am of this board. Despite many messages with capital letter headings, I got the sense that no one was running out and selling their shares. Its hilarious that the regular press, the financial press, the experts, the institutional investors all panicked over nothing.

I had not realized, until now, the general lack of knowledge of the rest of the investing world. Especially, institutional investors. You would think they would have done their homework and realize that this "agreement" was a non-event.

Part of the reason this board was in such a frenzy was that we didn't understand why the stock was tanking. We were sitting here and saying "Yeah, that agreement is old news and doesn't change CRA's business model." We kept looking for the real reason. It never occurred to us that the remaining 98% of the shareholders knew absolutely nothing about how CRA is going to make money and that this "agreement" was meaningless.

Basically, the big dive was over a paper mache agreement. The labs of UK and US were already agreeing to keep the data from HGP open to the public. In fact, even Clinton had expressed the concern that the data should be public on four separate occasions. However, because of today's phony agreement - an agreement to do what they had planned to do already - the rest of the world panicked. I try to be civil in all my posts, but this kind of stupidity is remarkable.

But here, on this little community of ours, we all knew that nothing had changed except investor sentiment. Do you realize what this means? Stay connected to these boards and you can BEAT THE PANTS off the majority of crack-pot professionals.

Before this I always thought, well we're not pros, but we'll do the best we can. Now I am frightened that the pros don't know what's going on.

Does anyone know why? Is it that brokers/institutional investors have too many stocks to keep track of? Or, is it that they are too arrogant to think the could learn more? Any comments from the community?

It seems like the problem with the rest of the world is that they try to boil everything down to sound bite, yes/no, black/white, good/bad answers.

I want to reiterate: The people in this community are the ideal market - they think, analyze, inquire, discuss and pound the issues.

Thank you everyone for raising my awareness with your worker bee like ability to ferret out information and build a complete picture of the company.

Fool on, and on, and on,


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