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April 19, 2000

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Subject:  Go watch a tree grow
Author:  OxBeaux

For those of you who have watched your gains fall 35% or so I thought I would relate what I do at times like this.

First a true story:

In 1976 my family and I moved into a brand new house. As we were planting grass my mother came across an oak tree that had just sprouted from an acorn. She promptly went and got a stake and marked the small tree and told me not to mow over it as it would make a beautiful tree some day. Today I cannot reach around that tree.

In 1962 on graduation from college I started saving as much as I could and when my children were born I started saving for their college tuition.

By the time my mother staked out that tree I had finally managed to put together a small portfolio and since the 1970s I have kept it 100% in the stock market. If you are now investing and you don't know about the history of the last thirty years you should read the messages about volitility that have dominated the board lately.

So what is the point?

My portfolio is, even after the 35% drop, seven figures. It is also 100% invested in the market and will remain that way. The only changes will come when my rebalance date comes.

When my mother staked out that tree she was sixty years old and had seen with her own experience that a small acorn could make a great tree. This year I am sixty years old and know through my own experience that over time small amounts invested in the market and left there for the long term will truly make you wealthy.

Go watch a tree grow.


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