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May 2, 2000

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Aruba's Isle of Revenge

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Subject:  Goodbye My Little Red Star

So here I am, posting my 5.000th message to these great boards. I had a bit of a dilemma deciding where to post this milestone, the one that will take me up the final rung in the star ladder, the BIG YELLOW STAR.

I had several choices of where I could have posted it and several boards that I frequent more than others. Here were my choices and why they were in the running:

The every gracious TMF Lou2 hosts Lou2's Life - I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting this young lady in person and it was a privilege indeed. She has always been nothing but kind and giving to people on the boards and she is amazingly perceptive for one so young. She has renewed my faith in the younger generation and what they can do and where they are headed. Lou, thank you for everything you have done and said to not only me but to all the other Fools here, TMF has no idea just how lucky they were to con you into working for them. And I'm glad you are keeping Jack, you would have been miserable without him.

Pet Lover's Board - Another great board. I found this one by accident and immediately added it to my Favorites. You ever need advice, comfort and help with a pet, this is the board to go to. The people there were great when I was having trouble with my dog Angel. I was at my wits end and when I made the painful decision to finally give her up, they did not berate my decision or me. They understood and in the end came to my defense for my actions. I was shocked and flattered when several Fools came rushing to my defense when another poster did criticize me for giving up on Angel. I could never thank them properly for making me feel so loved.

Fools Fighting Fat - This board was suggested by Karen for a group of Fools who were tired of being Wise about their bodies and their health. It was setup so we could talk about ways to Foolishly lose weight and get our bodies and our minds back in shape. It's one of the best support groups I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of. I was elected Board Mommy and I am extremely proud of that title. My children on that board are the best and the accomplishments are fantastic. We have motivated each other and supported each other and I couldn't have put together a better cyber family if I tried.

Hype, Hysteria and Runkle - What can I say about this board? Well whatever you say on it, just remember that it is a PARODY board. I love this board. Raggmopp invited me over a long time ago and at first I resisted but I eventually gave in. I jumped in with both feet and the very first night I started posting on it, I nailed the CCVO to the wall. I was the most unruly bOOtie they ever had (never was very good with authority and sucking up) and they finally graduated me just to make me stop whining (I wasn't providing any cheese with the whine, what fun is there in that?). They were there for me when my brother became ill and helped me through the day of his surgery with a P-A-T. I will never forget their kindness and humor and friendship.

Land Of Off-Topic Posts - NADA was considered for a little while since that is where I started my journey on the Fool boards. My very first post was in response to a thread on JFK JR's missing airplane. And thus my journey into the madness began. I had no clue what I was doing and before I could say, "Help" I found myself embroiled in a debate with Rsimm76, Simbob. Boy was I na�ve or what? But that is part of who I am jump in with both feet and then realize the water is way above my head and I can't swim. But Simbob is a gentleman among men and I now realize what an honor it was to have him respond to me at all in that thread. Thank you NADA for teaching me about board etiquette and about thinking before you type. I said many things on that board that I wish now I could take back, but all I can do is learn from my experiences there. That board also almost made me want to leave the Fool site, which brings us to.

Aruba's Isle of Revenge - Tony's place. When I was thinking about leaving the Fool for personal reasons, Tony im'd me and asked me to listen. Not to say a word until he was done. He sat there and told me how much I meant to the Fool and to the other posters there. He didn't know me that well at the time, but he took the time to show me that the Fool wasn't just another nameless, faceless website where all they care about is the number of hits they get or the number of pages that are viewed. He showed me that it was a place where friends gather and talk and debate and yes, sometimes the arguments do get out of hand, but when they do, just walk away and move on to the next topic. Tony gave the Fool a face and for me a sense of belonging. Since then a lot of the TMFs had done the same thing. I feel perfectly comfortable Iming or e-mailing any of the TMF staff and asking questions or requesting special favors (like getting Tony's board name changed, hehehe). They have all been more than generous with their time and their patience and after actually going to the Home Office in Old Town, I can honestly say they are just as nice in person as they are on the web.

Tony has taught me to stand up for myself and to get the satisfaction both as a customer and a human being that I deserve. Tony has helped give me part of my self-esteem and confidence back that was stolen from me as a child. Tony has been a true friend and confidant to me. His wife is truly a blessed and lucky woman.

Thank you Tony, Thank You Fool and thank you to all the other posters who have been there for me. I would start naming names, but I know I would forget someone and then I would really feel bad.

Thank you David and Tom Gardner for having the foresight and guts to start this site. You have created a place on the impersonal web and filled it with laughter, education and family. You have taught many people Foolish ways and we are forever grateful and appreciative.

Okay, now back to the bad jokes! KIDDING! ;-�

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