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May 17, 2000

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Author:  IllinoisGEM

klouche wrote: "The major attraction is using % allocation to purchase a portfolio. Oh how I wish I could enter an order that says, "sell everything and purchase 20% in X and 20% in Y etc," This would be a major attraction. On the other hand, I use E-Trade and don't want to give up check writing and Brown who's been so good, I hate to risk moving to a loser company."

and then FoolMeOnce commented: "I'm with you entirely. I don't want to entertain moving from a proven performer like Brown & Co, lightly. Folio(fn) has free check writing with no minimum as well as direct payroll deposit and automatic account drafting as well."

The above comments (in addition to the original posting and other threads throughout this topic) imply significant interest in the potential of the service provided by ; but there also seems to be considerable reservation as to how close the perceived service offering is to that which is actually being provided.

Those who are interested are depending on a select few "early adapters" of the service to report back their experiences in hopes that others can then decide if the service truly meets expectations.


To help expedite your evaluation, what about forming a small team of subject matter experts (possibly those of you who have posted comments on this topic; excluding rookies like me who could add no value to the discussion).

You could communicate with each other directly via Email during the formation phase of the discussion, with one of you acting as chairperson for the topic. This would minimize the amount of opinions you have to contend with until you are ready to solicit them.

Initially, your goal would be to compose a list of service requirements, beginning with the better parts of the service offered by as you perceive it. Supplement this list by adding requirements that are not explicitly contained in the vendor's service description but are necessary or desirable. Finalize the list by including things you feel should not be part of the service as well.

After your team finalizes this list, post it on this board (with a deadline) for review and comments. After the deadline, re-post the amended requirements, which now should include all feedback you have received from the Fool Community at large.

At this time contact management at and ask if they would arrange a teleconference with your team to allow you to compare the service that is actually being offered against your list of requirements to see how close they match. In this way you could base your decisions on facts, rather than trial an error results achieved by the early adapters of the service.

The vendor would also benefit by gaining a better understanding of what "the market" needs and wants; which should help them refine their operation and service offerings to more closely match the needs and wants of their target market.

Just a thought from one who is just starting to get his feet wet in the world of on-line investing.

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