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July 10, 2000

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Subject:  Saint Mycroft [?]
Author:  Paytient

I have been following Mycroft's post on the Fool for over a year now. I have read literally tens of thousands of post both here on the Fool, SI, and a small percentage of "others" over the years as well as the great majority of Mycroft's posts.

Never have I run across a single individual who has worked so hard to uncover financial fact and scuttlebutt and then shared it so freely with anyone who asks for it without compensation. This includes the Brothers Gardner. He does it with such kindness that I am often amazed at his ability to take the time to help and encourage every clueless wannabe investor who asks the same clueless question that was answered 25 posts back on the thread. In this regard he is a Fool Saint. He will then take the time to answer HOW he came to his conclusions and encourage the person asking the question to continue asking more questions. He was one of the best Fool employees long before he lost his well deserved red commie star and donned his jester cap.

However� His zealous belief and his very vocal convictions are getting him into some trouble, no doubt. I have enjoyed debating him and trying to add balance to his evangelical attitude toward certain parts of his belief systems. He has always been civil, truthful, and kind even if he has been a bit evasive and gleefully glosses over the facts he finds not in support of his causes (don't we all).

"When you believe you are believed" certainly applies to his efforts on the Fool. But just because he is so passionate about his beliefs do not necessarily make them the correct ones. But at least he's in the ring armed with facts and insightful logical conclusive opinions, (both right and wrong). In the information overloaded vastness of this tube I'm staring into, it is hard enough to wring conclusion from confusion. Mycroft is a GOOD GUY in this effort. His postings get me to my conclusions quicker, although not at times in the way he intended I'm sure. Gee Mycroft, I can't help but take a jab every now and then, all in good fun.

Although I have found his logic and blind faith assumptions in many issues to be misleading to the uninformed, I admire him and certainly respect his rights to have, and post, his beliefs in the manner he does. If someone takes the belief system of Saint Mycroft as gospel, they must be willing to receive the consequences of their choices, just as we all do. However his opinions are much more informed than most of the clueless trash I read in the financial press and watch (note:not listen)on the daily CNBC soap opera.

The recent NOK capitulation of QCOM's CDMA technology is my case in point. It is believed by many intelligent minds the world over this recent capitulation was the result of a GRAVE error on NOK's part and a wake up call to its senior management and shareholders. There are thousands of uninformed NOK posters on this board who choose to believe what Mycroft or someone else tells them of a situation or event rather than do their own work and thinking. Is this my problem�nope. I made my case and moved on. Again, conclusion from confusion.

Regardless of my personal opinion of the Wireless Holy War and my differences with Mycroft's views of the future, I must grant him the Fool Sainthood he is entitled to. Never have I seen such an individual work so hard and give away the fruits of his labor so willingly. Even with a TMF paycheck, I'm convinced it's the Brothers Gardner who's getting the better end of the deal (but they know this). I think back on ATT(damn I dislike that company), Liberty Media, Sonera, ect ect. and remember a fountain of pertinent fact, opinion (and conjecture as well as a bit of hype) brought forth and given to Fooldom without a thought for personal gain. Glad to see he's getting a paycheck for his efforts, he certainly deserves it.

Is he wrong at times? You bet! (Sorry Mycroft). So am I�often. But I don't put my opinions out there for the world to tear apart everyday either. There is not one single individual on this or any other board that can hold a candle to his graciousness. Not one of us.

Don't LTBGYD my good friend.

Or as my supreme mentor Oat Willie says:

"Onward Through the Fog".



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