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July 11, 2000

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Subject:  Trash Talking About Microsoft
Author:  Dwight013

What have you guys got against Microsoft?

Blue Max Technology, Inc. has been in the computer business for over 30 years and we've found that many problems are usually traced back to incompatible hardware, software or both. Blue Max systems have won or been first runner up to PC Magazine's Editors' Choice Award more times than you can count on your fingers so we have some experience in the PC market.

Gates may not be a the greatest innovator and he may not have invented most of the technologies he has integrated into his product lines but; Gates is a truly fine systems person with a phenomenal view of the big picture. All in all, his programs eventually evolve into systems that integrate well with each other and with prevailing industry standards. Most Microsoft products become the leading products in every application area they focus on.

IBM's entry into the PC marketplace was important to the industry for one reason and one reason only; IBM standardized the hardware platform so that anyone who adopted the "IBM compatibility" standard for PCs could easily sell and integrate their hardware into the PC marketplace. IBM systems were low on performance and long on price but provided the standardization the PC industry needed to evolve systems that are high in performance and low in price.

The same is true of the Window's standard created by Microsoft. If one follows the rules, one's software packages will operate seamlessly under Windows or NT. Have you tried the latest version of Netscape? If you have, you'll note that it doesn't follow the new International Java Script standards so it can't be effectively used to browse sites that were programmed following that standard. The International Standards committee isn't dominated by Microsoft or even very much influenced by them, yet Microsoft's IE 5 follows these standards right down the line. On the other hand, Netscape led the industry by introducing Java Script support in their browsers early on and led the move to Java Script enhanced sites. Right now the choice of which browser to use is the user's alone. Both Netscape and IE are available free of charge. For ourselves and our customers we choose and suggest Microsoft's IE. The reason is that it works well and will browse virtually any site while Netscape doesn't. Give the devil his due... Microsoft has provided well written, well documented and superior programs at reasonable prices. The reason they are successful is because they evolved a better mousetrap, not because they were the only game in town.

Dwight Brown
Blue Max Technology, Inc.

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