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July 25, 2000

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Subject:  Thoughts of a Long Time Lurker
Author:  Brucewil

I am a long time lurker. How long?? Since back in the days of Chiros, Cynical Guy, Kevinfurr, BillBrew, Huibspht, etc. I attended the April Fools party in L.A. (the Fool held them all over the U.S. in major cities � I think in 1996??) and I even went on "The Iomega Investment cruise." I am a lurker not because I have no opinions, but because others have expressed my thoughts before me and I saw no reason to clutter the board with repeated posts.

In retrospect, my lack of participation has been selfish. I have enjoyed the tremendous sense of community and the knowledge I have gained is irreplaceable - but I have contributed nothing. I have taken and not given � not very Foolish. Now I see the community I have enjoyed for years ripped apart and I thought it was time (way past time!) to put in my 2 cents worth. I only hope someone worthwhile is left to read it.

I think the Fool is like any community, and like the community where I live, you constantly encounter people that you care about and some you wish would disappear from the face of the earth. I have a peaceful and productive life because I choose to interact with people that matter to me (not all of whom I agree with) and I ignore the others the best I can. I do not bother to confront the other people I come in contact with that make me uncomfortable or because I disagree with them. I believe that most everyone on this board goes through their personal life the same way. If you are in line at the grocery store and the person behind you is loud, has horrible body odor and you wish they would disappear from the earth, you do not decide to never go to the grocery store again. You ignore them the best you can, pay for your quart of milk and hope you run into a friend the next time you are at the store. Why the people on this board cannot use the same attitude in this community that they use for the rest of their everyday life remains a mystery to me. We have all enjoyed and participated in something wonderful here. It is what we make it. It is a shame that so many have decided to never come to the grocery store again. If they choose not come back, they have given up the opportunity to run into their friends. Who wins now?

Sorry for the long post, I wish I could be as upbeat about the state of this board as I am about Iomega the company.


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