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August 2, 2000

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Subject:  Vincent J Bono.... was here!
Author:  stockseeker98

Well some have loved him and some have hated him. I don't think there was much grey area in anyone's feelings about Vince. But what did he bring? The answer is very simple. Optimism about an investment we all share in common. He proved to be who he said he was. His shakin' and bakin' was witnessed by those who cared to follow it.

It was an education unlike any of us will likely see again. There will be very few if any other occasions in our lives to actually have a chance to dialogue with a man who owns what effectively turns out to be 17 million dollars of a stock.

I belief this is something that very few "fools" ever have a chance to experience. Eccentric you call him? I rather think he was naive, for you see I know before arriving on this board that Vince never (and despite his very substantial holdings in other stocks) ever posted in or on an "internet message board". He knew nothing about the internet Wild Wild West. He came here honestly and expected honest repose. In the final assessment he got that. Save and except the few very maniacal posters he learned what the internet world of communication had to offer. He now knows it offers the good the bad and the ugly all rolled up into one. For a multi-millionaire to endure this environment for the learning experience was indeed something to behold, he stayed here to learn, befriend and defend. I believe he does not leave disappointed but rather more enlightened for having run across this "Motley Crew".

All too often we take for granted things we receive in the world and we do this in our personal lives, business lives and elsewhere. Vince never had lemmings following him around despite what some of the posters have said here. What he did have were people who trusted his word, respected his opinion and who wanted to learn more about where their money was invested. Vince brought a level of insight which these people appreciated and that was why people paid attention.

I never expected a "Vince" to show up here, be certifiably real and then actively participate. I for one will remain grateful that I have had a chance to see big money and big honesty at work together. It is a combination that I thought was awfully rare in the world. I doubt I will ever see it again. Yea' you loved him or you hated him, but you all tuned in, listened to his occasional rants and wondered why Vincent J. Bono was in your tiny world of investing. It was a thrill wasn't it? Just like me you marveled at the dynamics his participation created in this forum.

I don't think he will return again but if he does he is welcome in my book. Thanks Vincent J. Bono for what you have contributed and what I have learned about Iomega because you chose to stop by and visit for a while. Were it not for you, I would not have had a chance to meet Bruce Albertson and for that I am eternally grateful my friend. I will see you on the other side, if your secretary will ever send me an invitation to participate that is. <g>

Steve a/k/a Seeker

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