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August 4, 2000

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Subject:  Re: Ashok Kumar at it again...
Author:  dsa99

What does it mean when you downgrade from "Strong buy" to "Buy" anyway?

Just to clarify:

A downgrade from "Strong buy" to "Buy" is still a downgrade, therefore you should sell. Conversely, an upgrade from "Strong sell" to "Sell" means it's time to buy. "Hold" means they're not sure what to do at the moment, but they'll know as soon as the stock either rockets ahead or crashes horrifically, so you should either sell or buy as quickly as possible. By the time you see a "Strong buy" rating it's too late to buy; therefore, if you already own any you should sell hard and fast. "Strong sell" ratings are only given to stocks that have gone to absolute zero, and since zero dollars is a darn good price for anything you should buy all you can on the off-chance that it might be worth something someday.

To summarize:

Strong buy = Strong sell
Buy = Sell
Hold = Either buy or sell, or better yet, do both
Sell = Buy
Strong sell = Strong buy

Hope this helps.

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