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Subject:  Re: FourStarDave: A retrospective
Author:  FourStarDave

It takes a lot to make a Fool sad. The passing of FourStarDave does just that, and so much more. Dave's wife describes better than anyone could how we feel about it. If you didn't know him, it's not too late to befriend Dave. Just take a moment to read his humor, and his poetry, and smile about having the good fortune to touch such a rare flower in all of creation. So long Dave, we hardly knew ye...

Wherever my husband is tonight, I know he's happy that I've taken a respite from the sometimes overwhelming grief to laugh at his words (thank you for putting them all together for me!), to read the tributes by his friends and to see one last "war" in his honor. I am somewhat less technical than Dave was and wanted desperately to let as many of his friends know of his passing, I was overjoyed when the computer settings allowed me to access this forum and be greeted as FourStarDave.

I could get indignant at the thought that Dave would engage in such buffoonery as to fake his own demise and yet I know that Dave's indignation would only have been at himself for NOT thinking of it first. He would be thrilled to think that this was assumed to be a gag.

For sad confirmation, there will be an obituary in tomorrow's L.A. Times and Long Island's Newsday. But if you want to go on thinking that he will waltz back into one of these discussions and declare that this has in fact been a bad dream and a hell of a good joke, please be my guest. I also cannot think of a greater compliment than that my poor attempt at communicating this tragic news sounded anything like my darling's writing.

To gain some insight on Dave's wit and humor, please read SunQuing's Retrospective. To peek into Dave's heart, here's his Web Page of Poetry.

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