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September 5, 2000

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Subject:  Happy Labor Day
Author:  rampager83

As we take a (SHORT) break from the trials and tribulations of RMBS/INTC/IFX/MU/et al, I would like to wish all a most relaxing and enjoyable Labor Day. May we:

  • Hug our children and let them know we have faith in them and love for them.
  • Labor for a happy home instead of for money.
  • Listen to what our spouse/significant other is REALLY trying to say, instead of what we think we are hearing.
  • Take a walk in the evening, enjoy the breeze, and count the stars.
  • Notice, as we drive from place to place, how truly blessed we are to be free.
  • Give thanks for the health that allows us to labor for our selves and our families.
  • Reflect upon the labor of those gone before who made our nation what it is, today (regardless of what nation you are in/from).
  • Leave our PCs, PDAs, TVs, VCRs, DVDs, and MP3s behind and reach for really genuine human interaction and affection.
  • Examine our accomplishments, and our failures, and resolve to be grateful for the former while learning from the latter.
  • Resolve to not teach our children the skills needed to tolerate the world as it is, but to teach them the skills they need to change it into what it should be.
  • Absorb into our inmost being the idea that the best thing we can do for our kids is to completely love their father/mother.
  • Spend time just looking at the clouds and/or the stars, without thinking of puts, calls, shorts, longs, and margins. Instead, let us reflect upon the vastness of the universe, and how unique each of us.
  • Resolve not to give to those in need from our surplus, but from our own plates, homes, and lives.
  • Examine ourselves over the coming months, as we approach the Holiday Season, and ponder what it truly means to lovingly celebrate the Lights of Hannakuh (celebrating the return of the Temple and religious freedom to the Jews) and the Babe in the Manger (celebrating the birth of Jesus).
  • Love with strength, courage, and conviction.

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