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October 4, 2000

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Subject:  Great. Now We're "Beleaguered" Again.
Author:  tootsweet,1367,39165,00.html


I can just imagine it.

[Scene] Inside the offices of

Editor: [shuffling papers] Harry!

Harry: [enters stage right] Yeah, boss.

Editor: Harry, you know where that old "Beleaguered" label is?

Harry: What? You mean the Apple one?

Editor: Yeah.

Harry: "Beleaguered computer maker, Apple Computer"?

Editor: Yeah, that's the one. Do you know where it is?

Harry: It's in the back somewhere. I think Compaq borrowed it a while back, but I'm pretty sure they returned it.

Editor: Well, go get it. We need it again.

Harry: No kidding. Apple? Beleaguered?

Editor: Yup.

Harry: Even that spiffy new Cube thingy and all?

Editor: Beleaguered.

Harry: Well I'll be. What did they do?

Editor: Hmmm. Says here they're gonna miss earnings. Year over year Q4 growth only 15%.

Harry: No!

Editor: Yeah. And only 31% growth for the entire fiscal year.

Harry: Dear God.

Editor: Um hmm. It's sad. Anyway, just go get the label. We have a story to get out.

Harry: [shuffles off] Okay boss.

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