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November 8, 2000

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Subject:  Idle Musings on Election Day
Author:  TaysPop

Here's what I'm thinking about today...

1 - Please tell me I'm not the only one who wonders why our society will contribute upwards of 1 billion dollars to elect an individual to serve in a job that pays maybe $300,000 a year? And do it all over again in a few years? And count on less than 1/2 of our citizenry to select that person?

2 - Isn't it strange that should all the registered voters who do not bother to exercise their rights today were all to vote for say, Tinker, he'd be our next president?

3 - Isn't it even stranger that if all the eligible citizens who didn't even bother to register were to vote for Me, tomorrow morning President Tayspop would have won the Presidency in a landslide of epic proportions?

4 - Isn't it bizarre when you think that almost every adult in our country falls into one of two categories...those that are being taxed to the tune of 40% of what they earn or those that totally rely on the government to care for them...and over half of them cannot find one compelling reason to show up at the polls?

5 - Aren't you left in wonder that the most powerful country in the history of mankind exhibits the above behavior?

6 - Aren't you left virtually speechless, though, when you pause to consider the untapped power we have at our fingertips? Power that can be unleashed by simply stopping at your local community center or church and spending less than 5 minutes filling out a form or punching a card? Isn't it amazing that our forefathers have given us the right and privilege to completely turn our system of government upside down, completely change our way of life, remove and replace every individual in a position of true do all this without breaking a single law or firing a single shot?

Yes, that's what I'm thinking about today...and shaking my head as I do so.



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