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November 21, 2000

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Subject:  A Newbie Responds
Author:  stevers1

Paytient said:

"Many of you newbie wannabe "investors" and/or "traders" won't have witty and reliable quisps of knowledge to help you stay the course, because it's hard to come across as smart when you're wrong. However, you are to blame, because you don't know what you own... do you? They are just letters, lines, and spreads at any given moment, not living breathing companies."

I'm a lurker on this great board and this is my first post. And yes I'm a newbie investor as well, developing a LTBH portfolio of tech companies over the past year, after spending a year or so reading and studying. My goal is to find decent entry points to buy and then hold for the 5-10 year period. I prefer not to trade much because these are taxable accounts, and I don't feel I have the knowledge to do a good job at trading.

Getting into this investment business, and following the sometimes confusing though erudite messages here and at the Gorilla Game board, I often feel like the scrawny kid who gets picked last for the grade school baseball team. I'm doing my best to help the team, knowing I'm not as good as the rest of the members, working and studying hard and playing my heart out way out there in right field. So it's not fair when Paytient tries to blame me when the team's not doing very well!

I suspect there are a great many people out there just like me, new to the stock market, confused and scared, and trying their best to get through this bear market. It's the bottom of the ninth inning and we're down big. You trying to tell me even the veterans aren't a little concerned?

I know that all of us at one time started as "newbie wannabe investors." Please remember that and cut us some slack.

Now I feel better. Back to lurking...thanks....


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