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By anothersojourner
December 28, 2000

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Mycroft, as you have done so well to keep all of us abreast of Press Releases, Scuttlebutt, our young and innovative CEO, Philip Fisher, and SO MUCH MORE...allow an insignificant grasshopper who is an enthusiastic lurker/learner to remind you of simple lessons ~ Patience is a virtue, young grasshopper.

You know that better than anyone probably, and your familiarity with Philip Fisher's teachings shall not be forgotten at times such as these. A company's stock does not always reflect the company, but in time it will without a doubt do just that. As you mentioned LU, this is a perfect example and one in which the Fool tutored me through very well. For years I heard MANY people (even my father-in-law) cheer Lucent and I would remind myself of TMF's extensive, informative warnings about LU's financials. And just look at it now, certainly the stock reflects exactly what the company has been up to.

It's the holiday season, enjoy some eggnog, hot chocolate, or whatever may be your cup of tea. Pump TMF's Foolanthropy instead of NOK for some 'time fillers' at work. Consider tax situations before year end. Chat with a co-worker reflecting the year in general. Call Dad on your Nokia and realize the superior quality. Plenty to distract us while we anticipate the ultimate value of NOK as we know it, is all I'm trying to convey. You'll be driving your new Corvette before you know it once NOK hits 100. 8^)

THANKS so much for your contribution this year and realize I (we) look forward to much more in the coming year. Happy Holidays.

Fool On!