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By RtVandelay
January 23, 2001

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Okay, I admit it. I like watching CNBC when I get the chance to. It might not be the best stuff for you, but it keeps you entertained. I honestly think that Joe Kernan and David Faber are two of the most consistently funny guys on TV.

This morning, special Squawk Box guest Ned Riley gave me a huuuuge laugh (although it was unintentional). I will paraphrase below:

Ned: I like tech right now. I like Dell, Microsoft, and Intel.

Mark Haines: What's that? You like Dell? You said you like Dell?

Ned: Yep, I like Dell.

Mark: Over to David Faber... do we have any news on Dell today?

David: Dell just warned.

Camera takes a shot of Ned that I wish I had on tape. As his heart breaks, the poor guy looks like he's gonna cry.

Ned: Well, Dell was up on Friday....


Honestly people, if this is who we're competing with out there we have a much better chance than we think we do. And if this is who we're entrusting our professionally managed funds to, God help us all.