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By TheBlindSquirrel
February 2, 2001

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..sitting high up in the branches, where no-one would notice him sat a small furry creature. The Bulls and the Bears didn't really believe that he existed.... but he does.

He would listen to the tussles between the Bulls and the Bears, but generally ignored their little spats, he could never really understand why they needed to 'Hoo and Haa' over the funny words that the news Rats (no relation to our beloved one!) sent to their shiny screens, nor the compunction on either side, to dismiss any of the news Rats efforts which didn't agree with their roles in life. So the small furry creature ignored it all and learnt to make his own decisions in life.

The creature to which I refer is of course, 'The Blind Squirrel', he isn't really blind, but in the limited perception of the Bulls and the Bears, he had to be ... who on earth could ignore their news, reports and recommendations without being blind?

What the Blind Squirrel did do though, was make little marks on the bark of his tree. Every day, as the Bears wound up the Bulls and the prices rise, he made a little mark, and then he joined the bottom of all the little marks up. He rarely bought at the very bottom, rarely sold at the very top, but every time his little marks broke through the lines that joined them all together, he would buy or sell, not caring why, or listening to the excuses of the Bulls nor the rumblings of the Bears.

Every summer, he would go to to the broker MilkMaids, who were always very busy churning and churning, but were also very friendly to all the forest creatures, collect some of his stash of acorns, save some for the tax Snakes, and have a nice long rest, lazing about in the sun and traveling around the forest... for he knew that when the nights start to draw in again it would be time to go back to his little branches, back to his nice warm drey...and start listening to the same old rumblings and excuses, pick up his twig and scratch his little marks again, sure in the knowledge that the same opportunities are there every day, that the Bulls and the Bears would still be twisting each others tails, the news Rats would still be happily fuelling the rumours, and the MilkMaids would still be churning, churning, churning.......

Occasionally a bit of bark would fall from the tree and land where it could be seen by both the Bulls and the Bears, but because it wasn't shiny, because it was just a simple picture, most would ignore it. Some may take the bit of bark, clutched in their paws or hooves and give it to the MilkMaids, looking for guidance.

The MilkMaids would smile benevolently, wrap an arm around their shoulders and say 'Oooh must be some ancient native art, I shouldn't bother about it too, have some more reports� that'll be just a couple of small jars of honey Mr. Bear, or a couple of bails of straw Mr. Bull...'

�and so the Bulls and the Bears trot back to their pastures and dens� and nothing ever changes. The MilkMaids eat the Bears honey, and stuff their comfy mattresses with more of the Bulls straw and keep churning, churning, churning... but they have a little secret... they keep a few acorns around, to encourage some young, tame squirrels to live in the trees above the dairy...but shushhhhh don't tell the Bulls or the Bears...