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By Jaybirdo
March 26, 2001

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I'm new to this board, but not new to Apple. I just received my TiBook last night in the mail. I can't describe the sense of satisfaction I felt holding it in my hands imagining how mobile my life would become with that much power in such a small package. I'm a video producer who edits on Final Cut, and the ability to edit anywhere anytime (per external firewire drives via DV) is a dream I've had for ten years since I first entered the field.

Anyway, after plugging my DV deck into the firewire port and watching iMovie immediately recognize it and capture video without a single frame dropped, I started wandering around the hard drive to see what neat but mostly useless stuff Apple sent pre-installed. My meanderings were quickly rewarded after popping open iTunes. Inside the application I was surprised to find a number of songs, by several popular artists from all backgrounds already loaded in the application. Barenaked Ladies, B-52's, etc. were all present and accounted for. It struck me as odd, considering Apple must have paid royalties for these songs, and the cost of doing so just to throw some lagniappe in for TiBook customers seemed excessive.

It also seemed excessive to line up 40 artists on a stage to shoot a commercial.

Then I remembered a previous post on this very site where a fellow Fool speculated that Apple was exploiting Windoze OS weakness by promoting CD and DVD burning on their new G4 w/superburner.

Suddenly a pattern formed in my mind, which may be the result of thinking too different, but nonetheless is enticing. I suspect Jobs may have plans to create his own Napster with a business plan to pay artist royalties already in place.

It's no secret that Apple's marketing plan has been to produce incredible proprietary software and basically give it away in order to ensure the purchase of their hardware. If Adobe is mad at Apple it's because Final Cut Pro blows Premiere out of the water, and has revolutionized the Video post-production arena.

Enter iTunes. Anyone who has used this FREE application knows it has a few bugs, but it is by far easier to use than Toast and has tons of bells and whistles on it that make it even more attractive. And did I mention it's FREE? Why is that? I bet this app is going to be a necessity in order to download tunes off an iApster site. In other words, I think Apple is entering the music business.

Of course the DVD functionality is a precursor to iFilmster, which of course must wait for the bandwidth bottleneck to break.

I think Jobs knows that Mac loyalists are going to be the first ones to run out and buy the he's rewarding them with a clue to his machinations.

By the way, the machine lives up to the hype.