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By sucko1ak
April 5, 2001

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 Right or wrong, there is little more important to me than my intellectual credibility with close friends and family. Since I blame no one but myself, I can't say that my credibility was taken from me so much as I gave it away.

Recently there have been many posts on Amway/Quixtar. I even think the guy who is hyping it has two profiles and thinks we're idiots. Showing, "how many people are into it" is "proof that it works."

I am a sophomore studying engineering. Before the election I was heading toward the campus auditorium to see Gloria Steinem speak, just for the hell of it. I had an hour to kill, so I went to the University Center to see if anything was going on and two guys in suits were standing by the doors. They said hi and asked if I was there to learn how to make money on the Internet. I said no, but I'd be willing to listen.

So, with an hour until the speech I go upstairs to their room (which I can't believe the university let them have). The speaker is fifteen minutes late. Argh. (Later I find out it's on purpose... the upline Platinum is a very important person, after all.) After an hour and a half, I've missed the speech, but I'm excited.

Amway/Quixtar is currently targeting college campuses, rife with young dummies like me, with no business knowledge whatsoever.

I was a real go-getter. I prospected my family and friends. I bought the tapes, went to the seminars, and after two months of intense prospecting, calling, showing the plan, etc., I had one person under me. MY MOM!

Maybe I'm a loser, never meant for a man's business like Quixtar. I don't think so. After four months now, there is still no one under my mom. All of the go-getters above me showing the plan every night have not extended the leg even one person.

I was about to plop down $250 to take my wife and I to "winter leadership," when I started looking on the web for more info. I typed Quixtar into Google and had a shocking, humbling experience. Site after site. But the one that got me was Scott Larsen's because he made the numbers so clear.

I have my opinions on controversial issues, which I have come to logically and rationally. If someone argues with me, I can defend myself, and, if I find my arguments do not hold up under scrutiny, I change them. When I finally came around from Quixtar, my stomach had a knot like you wouldn't believe. I seriously felt like vomiting. I had a serious emotional commitment to Quixtar. Under its spell, I could see no evil.

I'm back no normal, but a quick calculation puts me back over $1000! I got two checks totaling $30. I overspent on overpriced Amway products, bought tapes, bought books, went to seminars, put miles on my car, and the whole ball of wax.

I am a positive thinking person, though. I took away several valuable lessons from this experience.

2) Learn to read numbers.
3) Emotion has no place in investing.
4) Don't overestimate yourself. Everyone does stupid things...yes, even you.
5) If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.
6) BUSINESS MEETINGS DO NOT BEGIN WITH PRAYERS!!! (My first red light went off here.)

Am I bitter? No. I'm glad I did it because if I hadn't, I never would have realized how ignorant I am and would not have begun researching businesses and investing for real. I'm more glad I got out. Chalk it up to life experience.

Now you probably all think I'm crazy. :( I really am back to normal, though.

I truly feel sorry for the guy who got me into it. He's a senior in education, and he really does mean so well. He truly believes he is bringing to the world something that can offer something financially.

I know I didn't detail any arguments against them here, but I think everyone already knows the arguments. The whole point is, I thank my lucky stars I got out when I did. I hadn't lost every vestige of integrity (or my wallet) yet.


*Ready to retire at 19, but willing to wait for 30.*