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By EvilDoctorSmith
May 16, 2001

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I'm free!

I'm finally free!

I no longer have to worry about my investments, and how the stock market treats them. Oh, I'm still holding. Don't get me wrong. But if the stock goes to $0 tomorrow, I don't have nearly as much to lose as I once did. No, I have not sold a single share, and I don't plan to unless something changes to the fundamental nature of the company.

It reminds me of another time in my life, when I realized that there is nothing that we own. Nothing is for sure. Anything can be taken away from us in a split second. Depressing? No! Life is precious, and we should be spending our time living instead of fussing over whether this stock or that stock did whatever. If I get rich, great! If not, I am very comfortable and very happy anyway.

I enjoy the fundamental analysis of a company and its products. I particularly enjoy Rambus and the discourse on this board. It's very exciting, particularly when you have money in it, but this is a very important lesson I have learned: it's only money.

Folks, in a couple of months I am going to China to adopt a baby girl. I'm going to be a daddy! It's Mother's Day on Sunday. It's springtime, and I am sitting in Boulder looking out my corner-office window at the rain coming over the mountains. The trees are just leafing up. The Avs won the 7th game of the series with LA. I'm writing software for a living (it's a good project and I am a senior programmer at the ripe old age of 32), and life could not be much better, really.

Lesson #2: Invest over years, even decades. At least this is a lesson I am hoping to learn - it could be another lesson in humility :-). One bad judge is not going to destroy this company, and the issues decided in that courtroom are not going to affect the long-term viability of RDRAM much. Either it's the best or it's not. I say it is. If I am right, this stock will not be sitting at $10 five years from now (not without splitting a number of times). If I am wrong, well, I will have a few more years of doing really fun work ahead of me. No big deal either way.

Life is wonderful and precious. No matter what happens with Rambus, or with any investment you've made, don't lose sight of that! Some things are more important than others - don't let the money become more important than the things that really matter to you, and you'll be okay. I know I will.

EDS - still holding