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R.I.P., JABoa

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By TMFSelena
May 19, 2001

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The Globe and Mail - James Boa

Folks --

Some of you may have known a fellow community member named JABoa. According to reports all over Fooldom, he passed away recently. I'm shocked and saddened, partly (and selfishly) because we had plans to meet for lunch when he was going to be near HQ a week or two ago. I had thought it strange that he didn't show up or send a note. Now I'm just sad that I'll never meet him.

If times like these have any silver linings, it's that they can remind us not to take what we have for granted -- even what we have in the friends and semi-strangers we know through these discussion boards.

A peek at Jim Boa's profile page reveals what a big part of Fooldom he was, with some 8,500 posts, 3,800 recommendations, and more than 280 official admirers.

A peek at where he made his last few dozen posts reveals that some of his interests lie in: Math (a board he founded), BBQ, travel, cooking, wine, and living below your means. It's also apparent that he enjoyed exploring many corners of Fooldom, not just hanging out on one or two boards. Better still, he exemplified the best kind of Foolish spirit, generously helping and advising others on a host of boards -- Credit Cards, Ask a Foolish Question, Tax Strategies, Buying a Home, etc. And best of all, he was a pleasure to have around -- a witty, charming presence.

Here are links to a self-interview he did, in three parts:
Part 1, 2, 3

And a Fribble he wrote.

And here are a bunch of commemorative posts people have recently made in Fooldom, in his memory (and these are surely just the beginning):

  • TMFAruba: (Note that 356 people have already recommended it -- surely as a way of saying "I'll miss him, too.")
  • TMF Cheeze compiled a list of some of JABoa's exceptional posts, well worth reading.
  • Trick offers some eloquent thoughts.
  • Wonderpup links to a favorite post of Jim's.
  • jeanpaulsartre links to a Yeats poem that JaBoa posted regularly.
  • TheBullet shares a poem in JABoa's honor, with the so-true line "Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight?"
  • OtherDave reminds us that, "Who among men / Endures eternally? / We are all only on a journey."
  • TMFKeeler
  • TMFJeanie
  • LydiaVorst
  • Hunzi

    JABoa's profile reveals that he wanted to meet Blythe Danner. Well, I guess she's lost her chance to meet him, as have I. As have many of us -- and from the many posts about him I've now read, I was far from alone -- many, many of us were looking forward to meeting him in person one day. Perhaps we still will, in a different realm.

    Rest in peace, Jim. And thanks for all you gave to our community. Here's hoping you got at least half as much as you gave.