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By howardroark
May 24, 2001

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You guys are making me nostalgic for better days. The Amazon board just isn't as much fun without the ACN to kick around anymore. As a tribute to capital excess gone by, here's a montage of some favored comments from the sock puppets glory days.

"We've really struck a chord," says John Hommeyer, vice president of marketing at Pets. com. "The Sock Puppet has crossed over from advertising icon to pop culture icon."(coralville replaces yellowing "Saturday Night Fever" poster with self drawn sock puppet image on barn wall)

Perhaps the puppet's greatest achievement so far is that it has helped a dot-com start-up establish a brand image in months. At a time when scores of new companies are spending millions in futile attempts to get a share of mind, the Sock Puppet device has worked. [03/06/00- Greg Farrell USA today article](Rule Breaker column identifies USA Today as "lone voice of Foolishness in the financial media")

"He was an amazing marketing idea. We'd get hundreds of calls each day about the puppet, everyone wanting to know if they could order one. The company was going down, I could see it crumbling internally. But people on the outside loved the puppet." [ call center unidentified employee "Jay" to reporter from Industry Standard](Jimi and Hammer89 hang up and call Amazon Seattle warehouse, asking to page "Ravi Suria" to quiet room)

"We haven't factored it in yet. It might have a modest effect." [Thomas Weisel analyst, who had a buy rating on IPET, on's announcement it would begin selling the sock puppet on its website](Nemesis Editor adds two ||'s to Amazon chart based on additional ACN revenue from IPET, citing 1784 Oxford Semantical Review, ed. 3, describing "modest" as meaning in common usage "anwyhere from very little to quite significant.")

"'s visual brand has become one of the Internet's major success stories, especially among women," said Cameron Meierhoefer, PC Data's Internet analyst. "It appears's high-profile sock puppet is paying off at the checkout counter." [06/16/00](mort loses faith in market experts, considers initiating autonomous portfolio; considers making it rhyme)

"We feel he's been very successful in building the business. He's endeared himself to pet owners and non-pet owners alike, so much so that we actually get requests for appearances at graduations and weddings." [Karen Gould, PR manager] (datasnooper replaced as graduation speaker for University's efficient market theory department by sock puppet, reverses TMF login name in retaliation)

"If it was mine, I'd pierce its tongue -- my tongue is pierced," says Debra Chang, who works in's order processing department. "Then I'd create a Web site for it and put up pictures." Unfortunately, her hopes were dashed when she came in third among 70 bidders -- with an offer of $14,500. "I was going to go for 25 [thousand dollars], but then I thought that might be a little more than I wanted to spend." [After the first-ever sock puppet sold for $20,100 in an AMZN auction in Feb. 2000, IPET's IPO month, proceeds to charity] (Unconfirmed rumor that upon the final pricing, albaby trades his Bar No. for a 'professional license engage in the active buying and selling of handheld cultural icons.')

The Sock Puppet ad campaign has successfully contributed to the growth of's business. The company's revenue has grown 12-fold since the launch of the Sock Puppet advertising campaign in the third quarter of 1999, and has received over 10,000 e-mails and phone calls about the Sock Puppet since October 1999.[IPET Q1 00 Financial Release](TMFRimpy collects $5 from IFindKarma, upon winning bet that he could show up in an internet company's financial release by writing a mass e-mail program related to non-income producing item.)

"Everything is for sale. The domain name and sock puppet, right down to the chair I'm sitting on." [John Cummings, IPET IR director](albaby signs up to retake bar exam)

"Because there will be 140 million people watching, we think it's a great investment," [John Hommeyer, vice president of marketing at, on the $2.2 million super bowl sock puppet ad](RJMason questions logic of statement, is accused of being a bear by TMF)

"The kids were not supervised last year in spending; [$27 million] would take care of a pretty good soft drink. There's no category in existence that requires a $50 million annual spending rate."[Peter Sealey, the former head of global marketing at Coca-Cola and an adjunct professor at the University of California at Berkeley](Gordon66 assigned to teach MPT class, quits faculty to join Asensio & Co. with cal8).