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By bibbucks
August 28, 2001

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Tomorrow, UPS will celebrate its 94th birthday. A company started by a young Irishman who quit school at the age of eleven to support his family.

He tried his hand at prospecting gold in Nevada and didn't strike it rich. Returned to Seattle and started The American Messenger Company, and the rest is history!

Back in 1944, at the Managers Conference, Jim talked about expansion:

"One of the reasons why we must build a good organization now is that we must plan for the expansion of the business. An expanding business is the only way to provide opportunities for our people. A static business could only lead to dry rot. So, if you want to build our people, we must expand."
What a fine job Jim and the organization has done since then. Jim passed away on June 7, 1983 at the age of 95. He had returned to Seattle, his childhood home just prior to his passing.

Although Jim did not find that "mother load" of gold back in Nevada, thru his efforts and vision, all of us who have followed have struck it rich. Not just financial, but in the experiences, opportunities, and friendships we have experienced.

Thanks Jim, and again Happy 94th UPS.
Time to put the soapbox away.